Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Also, here is the design for the shirt/hat/socks? I am not sure what we decided, we can change the color to whatever you like and if you really hate it, we can make some changes. Dan apologizes but he is busy at work so therefore doesn't have too much time to spend on it. So if you think you can come up with something better I nor dan will feel the least bit offended! I promise!! But seeing as how it is almost the middle of April and May is going to be NUTS for me, and I am sure for everyone else it is going to get busier and busier. I would like to figure out what we are going to put our Logo on...

do we all want to buy the same running shirt/socks/shorts?

did we all want to just buy our own running shirt and I can find some place to screen print it?

I dunno...... but I am thinking we should get this figured out sooner then later. Just over 2 months!!


  1. I personally like the logo! I'm kind of crazy, but I think it wouldn't be too original to do it in pink. What about silver or turquoise on a white shirt? I just got a shirt from my last race and it's that stuff that looks like a regular t-shirt but is actually that dri blend stuff. If we could find some plain T-shirts in that material, I think it would be cool. Where would be the best place to find these? Dicks?

  2. I've already told you I like the logo! And already told you basically what Amber said about no pink and liking the silver idea. Great minds think alike I suppose. I would love it on a running tank rather than t-shirt since I hate sleeves while running and maybe a running visor. I'll try to look and see how to do it but if someone else knows more please chime in as I don't know. Thanks for doing this Jen and thank Dan too.

  3. So as far as color, would it be a ton of work to swap the blue for the silver and then outline in turquoise? If so just leave it but if not let's try that. I think at this point we just need to show up and be able to run! Ha ha.

  4. k, well Dan is going to give me the name of a screen printer about the tanks. A lot of places I think have tanks we can pick from and I have a feeling it will be between 10 to 15 dollars a shirt and then there will be an additional setup fee that is around 40 dollars. Also, some places require you to buy at least 24 shirts... that being said I think the price will probably come out to around 20 a shirt if we only get 1 shirt but we will just need to see what they require, if we do a running tank and a t, just because we have to kind of those are only around 7 dollars a shirt. Also, as for the Visor it would most likely have to be embroidered unless we somehow stuck the logo on there ourselves and I am not sure that there is any good stick on letters that won't peel off? I dunno, anyone else know about that? solepepper spots and TONS of visors though if we wanted to all buy the same color or something and decorate as we choose.

  5. I love it!! Turqouise and silver sounds great. I vote for a tank and visor. There is a lady that does this kind of stuff the is doing on the uniforms for Kai baseball team. I will ask her about visor embrodery.

  6. Awesome...I vote for the tanks also...I'm not a sleeve person. I haven't run in a visor before..but am willing to check it out...thanks Jen/Dan looks great!!

  7. This is the email dan sent about a place to get them done, and he also said silver and turquoise would be no problem.

    Jen here is a link to the apparel catalog this place has for screen printing, if you cant find what you are looking for here you can buy the shirts and they will print them.
    the cost is:
    the price of the shirt (a tank from this site is around 6.00
    printing per shirt (2 colors) 5.75

    they can print hats or visors as long as there is not a seam and they would only be able to print 1 color on the hat or visor.


    he said the Alo brand is nicer and a bit more or otherwise he would o with the Badger brand.

  8. Josh M. might also be someone to talk to as he does stuff for their business if these other options don't work out. I'm going to hand this off to you guys and let you figure it out just let me know when to order. I would be fine buying a couple tanks and a visor or whatever. We do have 3 legs (not that we have to wear it for all 3) but just saying. I like the design. Thanks again Jen/Dan.

  9. Another thought? If we need to order more to get a better price maybe family/friends that will be their watching us might want to buy a cheaper t-shirt to show their support for our team? Just a thought. I know it would be awesome to have all my kids in a t-shirt for me!

  10. I love the logo. I would love a tank/t-shirt/visor or whatever we get. I love running in tanks, but would love a t-shirt to have and hang around it. I'm good with what the group decides. Thanks Jen and Dan. Great job!