Monday, April 19, 2010

Incline and Elevation

As I've been trying to think about how to train for hills and downhill, I have always wondered how the % incline on the treadmill related to elevation change. Rusty gave me the technical answer, but I found an online calculator that does the work for you! Go check it out


  1. Cool. So just so I'm clear. On the treadmill if I put it on a 1 than that would be a 1% incline, a 2 would be 2% incline. That's what I have always thought but maybe I'm wrong?

  2. Adrienne you are right. So, if you ran 1 mile, at a 1% incline, you would have "climbed" 52 feet. (5280 feet in a mile x 0.01) Since I have to drop 1600 feet in 8 miles I should train at a -3.6% incline. (too bad the treadmills at Lifetime only go to -3!)

  3. I've been looking for a calculator like this with no luck. I'm so glad you posted this.