Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chain Length

For those who ordered necklaces, could you please tell me if you want a 16 in or 18 in sterling chain?

Mini 10k ladies Race

Ok so I know that this might not be that exciting but I am running a mini 10k on June 12th in Central Park next month and so are. . . PAULA RADCLIFE and KARA GOUCHER!!!

I mean I know they will be done before I even hit mile 3 but still, I am totally stoked!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I just got an email from my local running shop that Ragnar just added a new rule to the rule book. EVERY member of the team needs a reflective night time running vest/ tail light. I don't know how to check the rule book, so maybe one of our captains wants to check it out...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so I am going to pick them up hopefully by the end of this week. I will distribute at the party next friday! I hope they turned out.......


3 weeks ladies... I can't believe it, felt like we just signed up or something.

You Never Know what you can do until YOU DO IT!

Chris Solinsky had never competed in a 10K before and just set the American Record on his first it, don't even hate it.....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

**You've Got Mail**

I just got a package in the mail and it made me so EXCITED for our race :) Too bad I can't tell any of you what it is......Whahahahahaha!!

Happy Running,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Side Ache of Death

hi, so this morning I went out my door, did my 1 mile warmup on the way to the rec center to get ready for my interval day. Got there, turned on the treadmill and BAM, just like that the Side Ache of Death showed up on my doorstep. I muscled through 4 intervals, and then decided I had enough. So I decide to just take the long way home and at least cover the same amount of mileage I would had I continued with the intervals. I thought, alright maybe I will just do a run where you run as fast as you can when you feel like it thing... So anyways, out the rec center I go and BAM, now not one but BOTH of my sides are just aching with pain. I had no headphones so instead I start to analyze everything that I had done in the last 24 hours that would cause such a horrid Monday morning workout. And alas, I came up with nothing really. Just the realization that some days are going to be crap. So if you have a crap day, know that you aren't the only one!

But tomorrows run had better watch out, because Vengeance is coming.......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It Hurts So Good

So, I completed my first 3-a-day yesterday... with the help of many of you for the first 2 runs... Tara, Carrie, Jarrie, Jen.. :) I have to say that it's SO nice to run with friends. It definitely makes me work harder. The mileage I ran over this 3-a-day pretty much mimics my legs of the race.

My last run was at 8pm last night, just beyond dusk. It cooled down nicely (from a 90 degree day that felt like it came of out nowhere) and I actually felt pretty good and ran a little farther than I initially intended. This morning, I am quite swollen, sore and tingly.. but it hurts so good!

Thinking back on this week, I ran 5 days and cross-trained 1... logging just over 30 miles. This is crazy! By far the most exercise I think I've ever done. And with little sleep even (I've been pretty stressed out this week). Let's just say that training this week has been a nice distraction from other things.

Anyway, I guess my point is that it's pretty dang amazing to me to actually have proven to myself that I can do this. Really. I overcame obstacles and pushed myself far beyond what I thought I could do. This is a major life lesson that I really needed to learn - right now - at this exact point in my life!

So, thanks for all the support ladies and helping me become a better me.  You rock! And I'm proud to be on your team :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOM necklaces.

K-I am not trying to peddle my product, k maybe a little but I made these cute sterling and copper necklaces.  Anyone who wants one just post and let me know $12 each:)  It does come with a sterling 16 in chain. GO TEAM MOM!!  The discs are super tiny, like  1/2 inch and so its not heavy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Read AND Respond!

It's time to confirm our spa treatments!  As a reminder, these are the special packages they have created for our group:

For the magical price of $150 you can choose one of these packages:

60 minute Massage and 30 minute Express Facial

60 minute Massage and 30 minute Express Pedicure

60 minute Massage and 30 minute Body Polish Treatment

You can also have a 60 minute massage and two 30 minute treatments for $200.


Choose anything from their regular menu.

Please post a comment here with your selection by this Sunday, May 24th (or else I will hunt you down!).  I will be giving them my credit card to hold the reservations and then everyone will pay for their own on that day.

Appointments will start around 11am (so we can sleep in a bit) and since we'll be staggered, those who aren't being worked-on can hang out in the spa lounge, pool, hot tub, sauna... etc. while we wait our turn.  We will probably be there several hours (oh, punish me!).  After our time at the spa, my Dad insists on cooking us a massive BBQ meal (steaks, ribs anyone?) back at his place. 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running on the Beach

This week while I was in San Diego, I thought I'd practice for our California Ragnar next year. It was AWESOME! The smell of the Ocean, the slight breeze, running at sea level. It was seriously so relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

View from the trail on the jetty

Blowing you all a kiss and wishing you were there with me

the trail from the beach out onto the jetty

Friday night lights

I know we talked about this a little on our run last Sat, but I wanted to firm things up. Let's do a late night run this Friday night.

5 miles
Meet at my house

Bring any night gear that you have and we can share it around. I've got two headlamps, so someone is welcome to borrow the other for practice. Leave a comment if you are in.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking Ahead

Now that I'm in the depths of the Ragnar training program (or, my adaptation of the two) and feeling good about my legs of the race... I want to set my next running goal to help keep this momentum going. 

SOooooo, I've decide to run the Georgetown Half Marathon.  Yep, it's a done deal... I'm proclaiming it to the world so that I will have to be accountable.  I'm gonna go register and pick up my packet tomorrow (before I change my mind) at Solepepper (you can register online but you have to play the packet pick-up game either on race day or a week before in Denver). 

The race is Saturday, August 14th, 8am.  And from what I understand (from many of you who have run it before) it's mostly downhill... and I'm thinking that is a good thing for my first half marathon.

Who's in?  It would be pretty dang cool to have as many of our teammates as possible sporting our M.O.M. tanks at this event.  And, I need all the support I can get!  (Kristin if you're reading this - respond! :)

By the way, did you hear about the woman who took 1st place in the Colorado Colfax Half Marathon today?  She did in 1:23... that's like a 6:33 pace... WOW!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First things First

Today Sadie and I wandered over to the Scottsdale mall and were doing a little shopping when who do I spot? My dear teammate AMY WILSTED! She is in Arizona on a girls getaway with her sister and mom (yes I was jealous). So I see her in Pottery Barn and walk up behind her and say "Hey Lady"....she turns around, gives me a hug and blurts out "I ran 7 miles today along side the canal"! I had to laugh inside. I'm such a tyrant it was like one of my children being caught with an ice cream and saying, but mom I ate all my vegetables. I just thought I would share because I thought it was funny and don't worry, I'm not going to put anybody in time out if you miss a run. It's all about having fun ladies, don't forget that part :) Good to see you Amy, hope your girls weekend was great.

Loves and Happy Running,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

Quote for the Day: "Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. When you were younger the mind could make you dance all night, and the body was never tired...You've always got to make the mind take over and keep going."- George S. Patton, U.S. Army General and 1912 Olympian

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Colorado Marathon 2010

This is Sarah and I after the race, we had a great time although recovery is taking a little longer then expected. The first 17 miles for Sarah was downhill, she felt great the whole time, it wasn't until she came to the flat part that her quads started to burn, and once they started..... they didn't stop. Plus, you have to give her props because although her quads burned she also felt like she was going to pass out on occasion due to lack of oxygen and she still finished with a great time! (she is from basically 0 feet elevation, lucky manhattan girl =)!)

As for me, I was really hoping for a lot more downhill then I got. It wasn't until I was at the race packet pickup that I took the time to actually look at the course on a map and talk to someone about it. They told me for the 1/2 the downhill portion was really only like 4 miles and the rest was basically flat with some small hills and ups and downs like normal trails. (also, for anyone looking to run a fun 1/2, this was full of trails such as bridges over creeks, tunnels and off the road paths.

P.S. if you are looking for a good EXPO, don't sign up for this race. it SUCKED. Sarah and I both appreciate a good expo full of great vendors that make us want to spend money and this had NOTHING!!! Sarah's husband was able to pick up some free starbursts... what is that..... CRAP!
In honor of Mothers Day we gave ourselves mom tattoos. We love our mom and wanted her to know we were thinking about her the whole time.

Sarah here so HAPPY to be done. I saw her a little earlier and when she ran by all she said was, "my quads are burning, my quads are burning" but she did it with a smile. What an AMAZING chicka.

This Lady in front of Dan and I is our mother. We LOVE HER!!! At this point, my dad is taking the pics and we are on our way to congratulate the amazing marathoner. (Notice my Disney marathon Shirt, thats right. I am a HUGE Disney fan and sport that puppy whenever I can)
Sarah on our way to the Finish!!!

This is the first time my family saw me. I told them to be there by 9, but ended up finishing earlier and had time to get my bag and make a few calls, sent some texts, check my mail. You know me, I love my phone.
Well that is it! We had a blast and are ready to train for Ragnar and our other Marathon this fall in Long Beach California!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Teller Farms Trail This Week?

I want to do another trail run (to fulfill my "hilly" run of the week).

At first I was thinking Wednesday evening (5/12) but the weather Tues. and Weds. looks bad and the trail I want to do is the Teller Farms North Trail which is more dirt than gravel, so any amount of moisture would not be good. From the parking area off of Valmont (between 95th & 75th) it is 3.3 miles to the water tower (rough estimate from MapMyRun - according to how my memory remembers biking the trail), so round trip would be a little less than 7. But like I said, it's hilly!

So, what about Saturday afternoon? I can't go in the morning because Fred and Jared are camping Friday night (many of your husbands may be too?), but should be home by lunchtime. Or, if it's more popular with you guys to go in the morning, I could get a babysitter.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The hottest runners on the trail

(Steph was there too, but she missed the pic)

We had an awesome run on Saturday along the Coal Creek Trail. We were even asked to be in a picture for Sunset magazine! Everyone brought their A game and it was so fun to run with friends. Amber and I got lost for a little bit along the way, but luckily found our way back without adding too much distance. AND--this was my longest run ever. 14 miles. Whewf.....

We rock.

Let's Hear it for our Girls!!

Let's hear it for our girls! Jen and Sarah ran the Ft. Collins marathon today! They both did fantastic! They are rockstars!!! We are so glad that they are part of our team. Congrats!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Let's hear it for our volunteers! Tara's husband Rusty! Natalie's husband Michael and my brother Kyle! They are signed up and ready to roll! Thank you so much guys!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some things that I've realized- use or lose!

So- I've figured out a lot about running in the last year or so since I've really been hitting the pavement. Here are some of the things that I've realized:

1) Set realistic goals! When you set goals that are too out of your comfort zone, you usually end up failing and then beating yourself up over it. If you have a race coming up, make sure you aim for a faster time then you've ever done, but not too much faster.

2) Baby steps- If you want to run a 7 minute mile and can only run a 8 minute mile, then work your way up. Try to run a mile in 7:45 one week, 7:30 a couple of weeks later, 7:15 a couple of weeks later, and then that 7 minute mile won't seem so crazy. I'm super impatient and have really struggled with this. I usually end up wanting to improve by an entire minute per mile every week, fail miserably, beat myself up, and start the cycle over. I'm not getting any faster by doing this. This also works for trying to extend your mileage. If you want to run 10 miles, but can only run 8, then work your way up slowly. You'll get there! You just need to be patient and set realistic baby steps!

3) Have some fun runs! Okay Adrienne, I know you told me this, but I didn't listen at the time. Now I'm listening! You should just go out there and run at a comfortable pace at least 1X per week. If you are with friends and can talk- that's great! Not every run needs to be speedwork, hills, or trying to break records (I say this humbly!)

4) Eat well! I'm the worst at this one. When I do eat more veggies, fruit, whole grains, and drink lots of water, I feel so much better!!!! Just keep this in mind the next time you reach for the entire king sized Symphony bar (that's my weakness!)

5) If a run gets hard and you want to quit, I challenge you to sprint for 30 seconds, then try and go right back to the pace that you were at (I swear it seems so much easier after this.) If you are on a treadmill and are hurting and wanting to stop, up the incline for 30 seconds- then go back down to where you were at. It feels a ton better!!

Well, these are my words of wisdom. Use them or lose them. I just thought I'd share. You guys are all doing such a great job with your running goals! You all seriously inspire me to keep going. I'm so excited about Ragnar!!!

For The Boys

So I was thinking... (uh-oh)... for the husbands who have volunteered to be our volunteers - I think we should have t-shirts printed for them (either as a thank-you, or just to exploit them) that say something like this:

[M.O.M. logo]
Official Water Boy


[M.O.M. logo]
Fan Club

I'd be happy to chip in a few bucks if it's not too late to get them made - what do you ladies think? Or, do they get cooler Ragnar shirts?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some OK pics.....

An early morning Run. Tara and I left out early one morning (5:45am) and had a great long run. I took some video but watching it made me car sick so I figured I would spare you the experience. The scenery isn't great, but the pick of me is on the dump road. The mountains which you can't see to the right of us were Gorgeous =) Plus, I thought you'd all enjoy a nice shot of my rear end.
Although, there were wonderful underwear lines in this pic but I photo shopped them out just for your viewing pleasure.

This is Tara posing so wonderfully for the camera right before we head out at my house. What a hot mama, even that early in the am.
Although sometimes it seems hard to try and make time to run with friends, it is totally WORTH IT!! The time flies and it is always nice to have someone to chat with.

Which legs am I running again??

Hey Guys,

I totally forgot which legs I am running, I know that one of them is really steep but couldn't find the info for which ones I was on??

Can anyone help me out??


Sports Anthems

Alright y'all--my ipod needs a serious update. So--pretty please respond with two thing:
1. your three favorite songs on your ipod right now, regardless of genre.
2. your favorite "sports anthems" or songs that get you pumped to run, make you feel strong, inspire you, etc. (I'm thinking Kayane West "Stronger" or Christina Aguilera "Fighter" type songs)

I am so sick of every song on my ipod, that I can't tell you my favorites, but I am LOVING Rock this Party (Everybody dance now). I used to kickbox to this song, and Scott has been playing it in class. I don't know why but it totally makes me Jazzed.

Can't wait to hear everyone's favorites!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

M.O.M run 5/8

Are we ready for another group run? How about this Saturday 7:30am? I'm thinking we should do the Coal Creek Trail again, but this time start at Flag Park. I'm thinking between 14-16 miles (that's what the training plan says) but it's an out and back run so you can do as many or as few as you want. Thought?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Th Roast is in the Oven!

I'm trying to follow the intermediate training plan that Ragnar has on it's site and yesterday it called for the first 3 times a day runs. I decided to keep it a consistent 5-5-5. In the morning I got up and stepped on the treadmill and steadily finished off the first 5 miles. Kids were asleep when I started but before I finished I had my own little audience--bed heads and all. Nothing more fun than running on your treadmill and having full conversations with your children. They consisted of phrases like this: "Sadie, stay back, mama's almost done" or "Landon, will you go help Reece get dressed, I just have one more mile", or "Dayton, get off the computer, have you cleaned your room?" and "Is dad home yet?" Travis was running his 13 miler outside as he is training for this WBR thing as well.
Run #2 started off with sending my kids swimming at the neighbors (score) and me laying Sadie down for a nap. Travis is outside working on the endless home projects we have going on. I head out the door and decide to do the hill run down the road at 1 pm in the Arizona sun, luckily there was a breeze. I'm pretty sure the very second or maybe it was the millisecond I stepped in the door after my run I had Sadie with a stinky diaper crying walking towards me, a four year old saying "I'm hungry" and a pan with boiling water on the stove with two boxes of mac n' cheese waiting to be cooked. I almost had time to get a drink. Then it was off to the 4 loads of laundry, vacuuming, weeding, re-loading our master closet and laundry room (we had closet organizers put in the day before) and other duties as assigned that moms get to do on a daily basis.
It's 5:30 and I'm preparing to take off for my 3rd run of the day. The kids are playing with neighbors in the backyard. Travis is still working on projects (story of our current lives), I put some potatoes in the oven and a roast that has to cook for 50 minutes. My mile pace on good days on flat roads is between 9 minutes and 9:30 and I've already run 10 miles today and am a bit tired. I have to pound out 5 miles quickly in order to make it home in time or dinner will be burned. So I head out. Funny how my 3rd run of the day was the most relaxing. I fell into a steady pace and my playlist was very mellow. The sun was setting and there was a cool breeze. I walked through the door with a solid 4 minutes to spare. The roast was delicious.

That night I was thinking: On June 18th I get to go hang out with my friends for a whole day and a night and a day and I just have to run a little bit in between? No dishes, laundry, or rooms to be cleaned? No diapers to be changed? No meals to be made and cleaned up after? No weeding, mowing, planting or trimming? I just sit in a car in between the runs? And it is suppose to be hard? Hmmmmmm.

Kind of Inspirational

My mom found this link and although we are no longer in Seminary I did find it inspirational! I hope you like it,

Happy Running,