Saturday, May 15, 2010

First things First

Today Sadie and I wandered over to the Scottsdale mall and were doing a little shopping when who do I spot? My dear teammate AMY WILSTED! She is in Arizona on a girls getaway with her sister and mom (yes I was jealous). So I see her in Pottery Barn and walk up behind her and say "Hey Lady"....she turns around, gives me a hug and blurts out "I ran 7 miles today along side the canal"! I had to laugh inside. I'm such a tyrant it was like one of my children being caught with an ice cream and saying, but mom I ate all my vegetables. I just thought I would share because I thought it was funny and don't worry, I'm not going to put anybody in time out if you miss a run. It's all about having fun ladies, don't forget that part :) Good to see you Amy, hope your girls weekend was great.

Loves and Happy Running,


  1. are the best. It was so good to see you. Can't wait till Utah.

  2. That is too funny! Small World, eh?