Tuesday, October 26, 2010

save 15% on a southwest flight

I got this email from World Market today. If you spend $20, you can get 15% off a southwest flight. Worth looking into if you need something from World Market!

Also, if you open a Southwest credit card, you earn a free flight when you make your first purchase. Just throwing out options here....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi All

Just wanted to pop in an say HI and introduce myself. I am Jen Crook from Utah. I am friends with Amy Brasier and used to live in Longmont a million years ago.

I am a total beginner runner and can't even share my times or distance yet because I am seriously embarrassed. On the up side, I am training 3-4 times a week and have improved a lot since I began 7 weeks ago.

I am going to hold off buying a plane ticket and just watch prices for a while. I will keep track of everyone's arrival times and departure times so I can show up around the same time. I am just needing departure clarification...Sunday night or morning?

Anyone else from Utah? Can't wait to meet you all!

Earlier Flight

Would everyone be ok arriving in LA before 5? Susan makes a great point about getting the van, driving to Huntington, eating, etc....it would be LATE before we were all settled in. Not to mention we need to decorate the vans!

I looked at flights again and we can arrive at 11:30, 1:30, 3, or 4:20. So, should we say between 1 and 4 OR, since we are going to have to get a babysitter or our hubby take the day off anyway, should we leave Early and get in around 10 or 11? We've got 4 vans, so we have wiggle room for everyone to do what is best for them.

Everyone will be in charge of booking their own flight, but it would be fun to fly together as much as we can. So, I'm going to look into a little sidebar thing where you can tell us what airline and what time you are going to fly. So, when you get ready to book a ticket, add it to the sidebar, and then others can do the same!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Post Edit: In the hour it took me to research flights and write this post, flight prices had already changed. So....if you want to get this deal, JUMP ON IT FAST. Having said that, I'm pretty confident there will be another sale before April.
Hi All!

Kimberlie and Jamie have told me that Southwest is having a sale right now where flights to LAX (one way) are $67, and home from San Diego $103. (To and From Denver. SLC flights are pretty high right now--I'd imagine you will find cheaper) These are a pretty good deal from Denver, so I thought that we'd hash out some flight arrangements, and if you want to purchase your tickets now, you can go right a head and do it. Obviously, you don't have to get your ticket now, but it's something to think about.

For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting a few weeks ago (probably due to living out of state) we collectively decided that we would fly TO LAX, and HOME from San Diego. This way we get the max time on the beach, and don't have to sit in traffic for 5 hours trying to get back to LA on Sunday. If you would like to fly in AND out of LAX, that is just fine, but you will need to provide your own transportation back to LA.

We are going to have a "flight window" so if you have frequent flyer miles, or can find a better fare on a different airline, you don't need to fly southwest, but you do need to arrive within the "flight window" so that we don't have to make a million trips to the airport, or so someone isn't stuck sitting at the airport for hours.

So, after looking at flight options, I propose that we ARRIVE at LAX sometime between 5 and 8pm. This way we can send a couple of vans with people who arrive earlier, and a couple of vans with people arriving a little later. (The 3:45-5:15 is looking GREAT to me)

And again, after looking at flight options, let's leave San Diego around 7:30. There are flights going both to SLC and to Denver right around that time.

PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below so I know you got this info. And if you have any concerns or suggestions--please let me know. WHEW....it's a big undertaking to get 24 people in the same place at the same time!

Next priority....VANS. I'd like to get vans booked and paid for by mid Nov. Anyone know how to score a deal on rentals???

Friday, October 8, 2010

OMG (osher's)

To all my Wasatch Back ladies.  Especially Susan and Van 1 people.  Seriously just got this update from one of the running blogs I follow....LMBO.  Check out the Title.  Brings back fond memories.

Funny yet Wrong!

Love you guys,
Happy Running

Thursday, October 7, 2010

trail running?

Anyone up for meeting early Saturday am at Coal Creek Trail head in Lafayette for about an 8 mile run? I think running on the trail might be easier on the knees and shins for everyone.


Increasing speed with proper form

So my friend emailed this video to me, and it's super interesting. Just some things to think about and improve on for all of us whether we've run a lot in the past, or we're just starting out. Also good for those looking to improve their speed. Also, there is a small section in the video that talks about "toe lifting" when running. I thought of this video in response to the last post. Around minute 6 in the video it talks about how a "toe lift" in running is the main cause of shin splints in runners. The video is about 12 minutes, but I really thought it was well worth the time to watch it and learn a little about the importance of proper form while running.

A little more on shin splints. There are also stretches that you can do before and after your run to prevent shin splints. I used to get super bad shin splits, but I started doing a stretch that has prevented shin splints altogether. I do it faithfully before and after each run, and when I forget to do it I generally get shin splints real quick. Here is a link from runners world which explains the stretch.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Call Me Stubs

Alright girls, I am about ready to cut off my legs from the knee down and go by the name of stubs.  My shins a freakin killing me.  Any advice???  I have been running way too long to have this issue still.  Yep I got new shoes, haven't increased my miles drastically, using foam roller, what else???