Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Workout

hey, I am calling all the peeps on this team to think for a minute and then post a few different cross training activities that you know. I don't know about everyone but doing the same thing over and over gets old and I want to switch up my routine. I went to the gym this morning with my mind set on just making up my own weights/plyo/I dont know what the heck I am doing routine. It ended up being a mediocre workout that I only felt ok about. So I was thinking if you guys could just list a few things you like... for example: a type of bicep curl, some kind of circuit stuff, whatever it is that maybe I can come up with a better plan that will leave me feeling more like my workout meant something.

I will also post cross training things I have found helpful and then possibly we can come up with the MEGA routine and sell it then make millions. Sound good?

off to run...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Me Again

I hate that I'm posting so much lately - sorry! - but where the heck are the rest of you guys?!? 

Anyway, I feel I must share this blog:  She's got good workout ideas, but what I love most about her blog is her "Eat With Me" segments.  She has such easy, yummy 'real' food ideas and she counts the calories for you (I think you all know I am OCD about calories - it's annoying I know - I'm sorry).  Anyway... check it out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I should be cleaning.....MY HOUSE IS A WRECK!

Hey ladies,
I wanted to check in and let you all know I miss your cute faces. I hope you are all handling the winter weather okay, I heard you were tortured pretty good with it.

Of course I wanted to share a running tip that works for me when I don't feel like running. Feel free to share yours as well.

Saturday morning I had my 12 mile run and for some reason after unpacking, cleaning, ripping apart walls, putting them back together, quick mealing, laundry doing, preschool finding, school enrolling, Travis being out of town (already I know), I didn't feel like running that far but alas it was needed. So what I do when I feel like this is I choose to run as far away from my house as possible. Just a straight line out. That way after I've run out for about 6 or so miles I have to get back somehow. If I ran in a circle or close by my house it's likely I could cut back home at any time I start feeling totally sick of it. It's a mind game but it works. Another tip is to run on busier roads. I don't mean "in the road" but on the sidewalk next to a busy road. I'm less likely to walk if there are a lot of people driving by that "might" be looking over at me, or I'll pretend an ex-highschool boyfriend is in the car driving by and I don't want him to see me walking do I? Make sure you run facing traffic for 2 reasons. 1--Safety. There are crazy drivers out there and if you are running on the shoulder of the road YOU need to watch out for the cars because they don't always watch out for you. 2--If you are running with traffic it feels like you are going so slow because all the cars are constantly passing you and even though they are in cars, we don't like to get passed do we? Do you have mind games that help you get through the tough runs?

Happy Running,

BTW: I just unpacked my camera today so I'll post some pictures soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

9 miler

Today I HAD planned on running 11 miles.  I actually was feeling very strong, wasn't getting fatigued like usual.  I think this was due to starting VERY slow.  These are the days that I love to run, when it feels almost effortless and it isn't such a mind game!

About into mile 5, I had what you would call a little conversation with my tummy and colon. 
"Please not NOW!!"  I was feeling soooooo good and I even took a WHOLE Imodium before I left, AND had been numero dos THREE FRIKIN TIMES!!!  How can anyone have anything left in their tummies?  Who knows I always seem to save a little extra left for my runs:(

I think I might have to start giving myself an enema before I run J/K.  But I am so tierd of this, and at least ya'll will know what to expect from me come June.

Anyway, I had to turn around and didn't make that 11 miles.  Although, I will count it anyway just cause I was feeling so good I know I would have made it.

Happy running girls:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's Keep Our Priorities Straight

By that title, you probably think I'm gonna post about another 5am workout.  Nope.  (Although I have had more of those lately.) 

Today's post is about SPA DAY!  Sure, we're all working hard... training... cross-training... cursing (some of us)... having fun?   ... Are we there yet?

Anyway... Me, I'm doin' it all for the nookie spa day!  Having a girls weekend was my motivation initially, which is why I volunteered, or was delegated, the all-important responsibility of planning our spa day. So here's the info:

We're going to go to the Zermatt in Midway.  I finally spoke to the manager there and she came up with some special packages/pricing for our group.  She is a runner too, so she understands how sore we will be.  This massage will be a light relaxing one - not deep tissue or anything like that.

For the magical price of $150 you can choose one of these packages:

60 minute Massage and 30 minute Express Facial
60 minute Massage and 30 minute Express Pedicure
60 minute Massage and 30 minute Body Polish Treatment


You can just pick from their menu, a la carte.

Splurge!  Remember, this is why we are staying at my Dad's pad, to have $$ for the spa!

Whichever, you do need to decide ahead of time so that they can be ready for us.  I will check on that deadline and let you all know-- but start thinking about it. 

Since they can't be working on all of us at the same time (we'll be staggered a bit), before or after our turn she said we can hang out in their pool, hot tubs, saunas, or spa lounge.  Sounds dreamy! 

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Don't Train To Make Excuses

That's the inspirational quote of the day.  I saw it on a t-shirt last week and love it.  Now it's my mantra.

I didn't get much sleep last night because Meghan was up a lot coughing (she's not really sick-sick, just a little dry nagging cough).  So at about 4:40 am as I lay in bed wide-awake, I had this conversation in my head:

"Poor thing, she (nor I) have gotten much sleep... I guess I probably shouldn't take her to the daycare at the gym today... Crap!  That means I'm not gonna get my workout in... and my run got cut real short yesterday... only did 2 of the 5 miles I had planned (had to get Meghan out of the daycare - they said she was coughing too much to be in there - which I hadn't noticed at all - I'm a bad mom)... I guess I could go at night... no, I hate HATE working out at night... I guess I could go right now... if I leave in the next 5 minutes I would have enough time to drive the the gym, run for 60 minutes and get home before Fred leaves at 6:30.  Ugh.  If we didn't move our clocks on Sunday, it would almost be light outside and I could just run outside and not have to go to the gym... Ugh for daylight savings... then I think of Adrienne's lecture about no matter what our obstacles are - we have to just do it anyway (or something like that)...  Okay fine, I'll go."

So I rolled out of bed at 4:50, was at the gym and on a treadmill by 5:10 and then back home at 6:32, showered and feeding my kids breakfast by 7am.  There's something terribly fulfilling about having run 5.5 miles, being showered, dressed and ready for the day by 7am.  Kind of warrior-like.  Okay, not really... but I feel accomplished nonetheless... especially because I made no excuse (today anyway).

Go get 'em girls!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hampton Inn

For those of you who are staying at the Hampton Inn on the 17th, I reserved 2 rooms with 2 queen beds each.  Please let me know who is planning on staying in these 2 rooms-just wanna make sure I don't need another one.  These are the only 2 that I know have other plans:
Adrienne-staying with Travis
Jen-staying with Sara

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today was a good day =), so far anyways. I went to thy gym to do my interval workout. Today it was hard... I was in the middle of it and Stephanie Cope walked up and started her workout on the treadmill next to mine. I don't know if she could tell or not, but having her presence there made my intervals that much more bearable. Thanks Steph!! Then after that I hurried to pick up Peter from the daycare and bust a move home and as I walked outside I saw Amber running up the sidewalk making her way to a drinking fountain. WHOHOO go Amber. Then I get home and although it was a planned exchange I saw Carrie in my driveway and she was going to make her way to Lifetime to try out the Yoga Class. GOOD FOR YOU Carrie!! Then when I came inside I had a text from my sister telling me that today she'd had a great workout with not only a run but also a spin class! So my point is, seeing all of these people out doing their thing today made me even more excited about our Relay and made me feel even more satisfaction out of completing my very hard interval workout. I am excited to see more of you lovely ladies out running and doing your thing. GO TEAM GO =)