Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Workout

hey, I am calling all the peeps on this team to think for a minute and then post a few different cross training activities that you know. I don't know about everyone but doing the same thing over and over gets old and I want to switch up my routine. I went to the gym this morning with my mind set on just making up my own weights/plyo/I dont know what the heck I am doing routine. It ended up being a mediocre workout that I only felt ok about. So I was thinking if you guys could just list a few things you like... for example: a type of bicep curl, some kind of circuit stuff, whatever it is that maybe I can come up with a better plan that will leave me feeling more like my workout meant something.

I will also post cross training things I have found helpful and then possibly we can come up with the MEGA routine and sell it then make millions. Sound good?

off to run...



  1. The best workouts I did were last spring/summer. I switched things up everyday for an entire month. I was really into the whole "muscle confusion" thing. I felt awesome! Some examples of what I did are:
    *Sprint 1.5 miles, then swim hard for 30 minutes straight
    *P90X Plyometrics workout (this video is awesome) followed by the Ab Ripper
    *Circuit training where I would run on the treadmill for 10 minutes as fast as I could, then jump off and start pedaling on the bike (Even though I was pedaling hard, I lowered my heart rate quite a bit,) I did this for 10 minutes, then jump rope 500 turns, then repeat. This workout always made me feel awesome!
    *Weights (either do arms and back with the P90X workout or hit the gym and do what I could there.) I'm not too creative, so the videos or classes work me out a lot better!
    *Jump on my roadbike and pound out 25-30 miles around all of these country roads.
    *Jump on my mountain bike and hit the trail (there are tons of fun ones in Boulder!)
    *Brick training- run, bike, run
    *Run hard for 20 minutes, do weights hard (but lowering heart rate) for 20 minutes, and then run hard again for 20 minutes
    *Squats and lunges with 12 lb. weights all around the tennis courts! I love to follow up a run with this one!
    *Hit the stairs or bleachers and sprint up, then jog down as many times as you can until you almost pass out :)

    There are tons of routines that you can come up with. The one thing that I noticed is that if you change things up everyday- your overall shape gets a lot better and you are able to continue progressing instead of plateauing. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do this in quite awhile, since I have so many miles to log for this marathon. I'm super excited to get back into it though!

  2. Amber! YOU are crazy! No wonder your in such great shape. Actually I agree though. When I got to my skinniest (since baby) right before Hawaii I did different stuff everyday. Run, Cardio kickbox, Total conditioning class, Total Circuit, Bike, Pilates, basketball, it was like Amber said all about doing different things everyday. Sometimes when you are "training" for something specific like our race you do plateau and/or get bored and burn out. After this race in June I will likely join a Martial Arts club and do that again. Last year I played in a women's basketball league and that was fun so I might try that or a soccer league too. I like group activities to add fun and excercise. To answer your question (the long way). When I'm doing weights on my own I make sure I run 5 minutes before I start to loosen up and get my heart rate up then I try to keep it up the whole time I do weights, it makes it a lot harder. I think people are lame that do one set then walk around for 10 minutes then pick up a weight and do another set. Start with chest, do 3 sets, go to a leg group do 3 sets...basically switch from upper body to lower body until you are done and then while your doing upper body the lower body gets to rest and vice versa. Here is the order I go in. Chest, quads, shoulders, calves, back/lats, glutes, triceps, hamstrings, biceps, end with abs. I usually do 3 sets of each and then lots of abs. Of course I haven't done this for a long time but if you go continually and don't stop it will be a good workout. Good luck!

  3. P.S. I use to do different muscle groups different days but since speaking with a trainer I trust at Lifetime he steered me to doing them all the same day every time I do weights and I burn more calories and improve strength.