Saturday, March 27, 2010

9 miler

Today I HAD planned on running 11 miles.  I actually was feeling very strong, wasn't getting fatigued like usual.  I think this was due to starting VERY slow.  These are the days that I love to run, when it feels almost effortless and it isn't such a mind game!

About into mile 5, I had what you would call a little conversation with my tummy and colon. 
"Please not NOW!!"  I was feeling soooooo good and I even took a WHOLE Imodium before I left, AND had been numero dos THREE FRIKIN TIMES!!!  How can anyone have anything left in their tummies?  Who knows I always seem to save a little extra left for my runs:(

I think I might have to start giving myself an enema before I run J/K.  But I am so tierd of this, and at least ya'll will know what to expect from me come June.

Anyway, I had to turn around and didn't make that 11 miles.  Although, I will count it anyway just cause I was feeling so good I know I would have made it.

Happy running girls:)


  1. Thanks Jarrie, that made me giggle (sorry)... especially after some of our conversations this week!

    Good thing this is a relay race... so that should anything embarrassing happen, we won't have a friend right next to us to witness! :)

  2. I totally feel your pain! This happens to me all the time. Although not as much as it used too. I now know what I can eat before I run including the night before. For me Peanut butter before my run or beans and chips are bad the night before!!! Those things make my tummy spoil quickly during my run. Sometimes if I sit and squat it will pass (I look ridiculous) and I can recover and keep going but sometimes I have to turn back or stop at a starbucks to use the restroom :) I feel bad for the person after me LOL

  3. Jarrie, I hear you too. My run on Saturday I had to circle back to my house, do the deed, and then head out again. I swear! Usually eating an activia yogurt about 45 minutes before my run helps get things moving and I can go before my run. Why do women have to deal with all these things!