Thursday, October 7, 2010

Increasing speed with proper form

So my friend emailed this video to me, and it's super interesting. Just some things to think about and improve on for all of us whether we've run a lot in the past, or we're just starting out. Also good for those looking to improve their speed. Also, there is a small section in the video that talks about "toe lifting" when running. I thought of this video in response to the last post. Around minute 6 in the video it talks about how a "toe lift" in running is the main cause of shin splints in runners. The video is about 12 minutes, but I really thought it was well worth the time to watch it and learn a little about the importance of proper form while running.

A little more on shin splints. There are also stretches that you can do before and after your run to prevent shin splints. I used to get super bad shin splits, but I started doing a stretch that has prevented shin splints altogether. I do it faithfully before and after each run, and when I forget to do it I generally get shin splints real quick. Here is a link from runners world which explains the stretch.

Hope this helps!

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  1. So, the video is not playing for me. Anyone else having that problem? I was so excited to watch!