Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Colorado Marathon 2010

This is Sarah and I after the race, we had a great time although recovery is taking a little longer then expected. The first 17 miles for Sarah was downhill, she felt great the whole time, it wasn't until she came to the flat part that her quads started to burn, and once they started..... they didn't stop. Plus, you have to give her props because although her quads burned she also felt like she was going to pass out on occasion due to lack of oxygen and she still finished with a great time! (she is from basically 0 feet elevation, lucky manhattan girl =)!)

As for me, I was really hoping for a lot more downhill then I got. It wasn't until I was at the race packet pickup that I took the time to actually look at the course on a map and talk to someone about it. They told me for the 1/2 the downhill portion was really only like 4 miles and the rest was basically flat with some small hills and ups and downs like normal trails. (also, for anyone looking to run a fun 1/2, this was full of trails such as bridges over creeks, tunnels and off the road paths.

P.S. if you are looking for a good EXPO, don't sign up for this race. it SUCKED. Sarah and I both appreciate a good expo full of great vendors that make us want to spend money and this had NOTHING!!! Sarah's husband was able to pick up some free starbursts... what is that..... CRAP!
In honor of Mothers Day we gave ourselves mom tattoos. We love our mom and wanted her to know we were thinking about her the whole time.

Sarah here so HAPPY to be done. I saw her a little earlier and when she ran by all she said was, "my quads are burning, my quads are burning" but she did it with a smile. What an AMAZING chicka.

This Lady in front of Dan and I is our mother. We LOVE HER!!! At this point, my dad is taking the pics and we are on our way to congratulate the amazing marathoner. (Notice my Disney marathon Shirt, thats right. I am a HUGE Disney fan and sport that puppy whenever I can)
Sarah on our way to the Finish!!!

This is the first time my family saw me. I told them to be there by 9, but ended up finishing earlier and had time to get my bag and make a few calls, sent some texts, check my mail. You know me, I love my phone.
Well that is it! We had a blast and are ready to train for Ragnar and our other Marathon this fall in Long Beach California!!!


  1. You 2 are awesome!! Train for Ragnar?!? You're going to rock it! Congratulations to you both. Now send me your info for our van (phone #, emergency #, medical info)!

  2. I love the mom tatoos and matching outfits!!! I think the two of you are seriously fabulous!! I bet your mom was super proud :)

  3. I love how you finish early and check your email, texts ect. Jen you crack me up! Great job you two! Seriously amazing! And I second Stephanie comment that--if you just ran a marathon you are going to be more than ready for Ragnar! Awesome!

  4. Way to go you two! Take it easy for a few more days and do be too anxious to get back into things. Let your body recover so you can be in tip top shape and not burn out.

    I am inspired to sign up for another 1/2!

  5. You girls rock! And, might I add: you both have AWESOME legs... literally. I want them.

  6. You girls are fabulous!!! I'm sad we missed you this visit Sarah, can't wait to meet you in June!

  7. Great Job!!!! Way to go!!! Awesome pics.