Monday, May 3, 2010

Sports Anthems

Alright y'all--my ipod needs a serious update. So--pretty please respond with two thing:
1. your three favorite songs on your ipod right now, regardless of genre.
2. your favorite "sports anthems" or songs that get you pumped to run, make you feel strong, inspire you, etc. (I'm thinking Kayane West "Stronger" or Christina Aguilera "Fighter" type songs)

I am so sick of every song on my ipod, that I can't tell you my favorites, but I am LOVING Rock this Party (Everybody dance now). I used to kickbox to this song, and Scott has been playing it in class. I don't know why but it totally makes me Jazzed.

Can't wait to hear everyone's favorites!


  1. Well I don't really have a particular sports anthem song but I will tell you that right now I love Fol Chen "Cable TV" song. I am also liking Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros "Home" song. I need some new music too!!

  2. I like One EskimO's "Kandi," Mike Doughty's "27 Jennifers," and Owl City's "Vanilla Twilight." Plus a lot more! I don't really have any sports anthem songs. I just like a good mix of tempos and beats. If the song's too fast, I run too fast and then burn out!

  3. My playlist is all over the place - covers several genres and decades... but here are some of my get-up-and-go fav's right now (in no specific order):

    Spiderwebs, No Doubt
    Beverly Hills, Weezer
    Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera
    Uprising, Muse
    Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne (go for the edited version)
    Gettin' Jiggy with It, Will Smith
    New Divide, Linkin Park
    She's Country, Jason Aldean
    There You Go, Pink
    Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus (I'll admit it!)
    Rain is Good Thing, Luke Bryan
    When We Were Young, The Killers
    Monsters, Hurricane Bells
    I Know What I Am, Band of Skulls

  4. Kanye West? Really? Okay, we can still be friends I guess.....

    I like:
    Move Along-All American Rejects
    Stronger--Brittany Spears (girl power)
    Breathless-The Corrs
    Come Back to Me-David Cook (I like it more after watching the inspirational video Jen posted)
    Hold on-KT Tunstall
    Need you now--Lady Antebellum
    Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Telephone --by Lady GaGa (girl power)
    I won't back down and Runnin Down a Dream--Tom Petty
    Eye of the Tiger is always a great Sports theme :)

    I need some new tunes too, thanks for the post. :)

  5. Burning Hearts and Hearts on Fire are also good sport theme ones. I'm sure me liking them has nothing to do with Rocky's love for Adrian! YO ADRIAN!

  6. I currently have like 65 songs in my run playlist and I think it is funny how i always find the like 5 0r 6 I am really into at the moment and keep replaying those ones =)

    Anyways, right now, I enjoy:
    Let it Rock: Kevin Rudolf
    Lost!: Coldplay
    Just Breathe: Pearl Jam
    How it Ends: DeVotchKa (this song is slow but 7 minutes so I know I am almost done with a mile when it is finished!)
    Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
    Another Lonely Day: Ben Harper
    La Vida Es un Carnaval: Celia Cruz
    A little less Conversation: Elvis Presley
    Second Chance: Shinedown
    Say Hey: Michael Franti and Spearhead
    Break My Stride: Matthew Wilder
    Burn It to the Ground: Nickelback
    The Power of Love: Huey Lewis and The News
    Right Round: Flo Rida
    Boom Boom Pow: Black Eyed Peas

    I too enjoy Lady Gaga, all the same songs as Adrienne along with Just Dance.

    k, that is a lot more then 5 or 6 songs. Oh well

  7. Jen- Huey Lewis and the News?????

  8. Jarrie, HECK YA Huey Lewis. I pretend I am driving in my DeLorean in Back to The Future with a sweet space suit on =)

  9. Jen has a crush on Michael J. Fox.....she watched Family Ties a lot as a kid...

  10. Ummm. Jen I am sorry but I must send you the link to this website. . .

    :) Love ya!

  11. Some of my favs right now for my runs ...

    Hot N Cold: Katy Perry
    Under Pressure: David Bowie and Queen
    How About That: Bad Company
    Playing With the Boys: Kenny Loggins
    Free Fallin': Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Candyman: Christina Aguilera
    Pictures of You: The Cure
    I Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas
    The Winner Takes it All: ABBA
    Bad Romance: Lady GaGa
    When we are Together: Texas
    Won't go Home without you: Maroon 5
    Take a chance on me: Eurasure
    Dreaming: OMD
    Breathless: The Corrs
    No one Else on Earth: Wyonna Judd name a few

    Thanks to all for your lists. I appreciate.

  12. I was just editing my playlist in preparation for my 2-a-day tomorrow, and added this one:

    Tik Tok, Kes$ha

    Also Tara, here's a good anthemesque song:
    Let's Get It Started, Black-eyed Peas

  13. Jen - I've met Huey Lewis - twice!! he was nice the 2nd time:)
    For songs I am into stuff all over the place, don't laugh at my tween songs - I only have them b/c of Emma and Riley!
    Bleed it out-linkin park
    Papercut - linkin
    Ride - the vines
    overweight(edited) - blue october
    calling you- blue october
    thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
    The Diary of Jane - breaking benjamin
    Misery business - paramore
    Pain - jimmy eat world
    These are the new ones I've gotten from Emma and Riley's playlists:
    7 things - miley cyrus
    Tell me something I don't kno - selena gomez
    so far so great - demi lovato
    here we go again - demi lovato
    I have also been listening to books - you can download tons from the erie library website and put them on your ipod - it really helps me get through treadmill workouts!