Sunday, May 23, 2010

It Hurts So Good

So, I completed my first 3-a-day yesterday... with the help of many of you for the first 2 runs... Tara, Carrie, Jarrie, Jen.. :) I have to say that it's SO nice to run with friends. It definitely makes me work harder. The mileage I ran over this 3-a-day pretty much mimics my legs of the race.

My last run was at 8pm last night, just beyond dusk. It cooled down nicely (from a 90 degree day that felt like it came of out nowhere) and I actually felt pretty good and ran a little farther than I initially intended. This morning, I am quite swollen, sore and tingly.. but it hurts so good!

Thinking back on this week, I ran 5 days and cross-trained 1... logging just over 30 miles. This is crazy! By far the most exercise I think I've ever done. And with little sleep even (I've been pretty stressed out this week). Let's just say that training this week has been a nice distraction from other things.

Anyway, I guess my point is that it's pretty dang amazing to me to actually have proven to myself that I can do this. Really. I overcame obstacles and pushed myself far beyond what I thought I could do. This is a major life lesson that I really needed to learn - right now - at this exact point in my life!

So, thanks for all the support ladies and helping me become a better me.  You rock! And I'm proud to be on your team :)


  1. You are a strong strong woman, I'm lucky to call you my friend :)! Congratulations on your week.

  2. Good job Susan! You are so capable of anything you set your mind to!

  3. Nice Work Susan!!! Enjoy your vacation!!! You deserve it =)