Monday, May 3, 2010

Some OK pics.....

An early morning Run. Tara and I left out early one morning (5:45am) and had a great long run. I took some video but watching it made me car sick so I figured I would spare you the experience. The scenery isn't great, but the pick of me is on the dump road. The mountains which you can't see to the right of us were Gorgeous =) Plus, I thought you'd all enjoy a nice shot of my rear end.
Although, there were wonderful underwear lines in this pic but I photo shopped them out just for your viewing pleasure.

This is Tara posing so wonderfully for the camera right before we head out at my house. What a hot mama, even that early in the am.
Although sometimes it seems hard to try and make time to run with friends, it is totally WORTH IT!! The time flies and it is always nice to have someone to chat with.


  1. What a bunch of hottie pa-totties!

  2. You guys rock and you are even color coordinated!

  3. We totally planned the shirts the night before. We had a hard time deciding between hot pink and bright blue. j/k...

  4. I can see Tara was getting ready for her evening on stage..!