Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For The Boys

So I was thinking... (uh-oh)... for the husbands who have volunteered to be our volunteers - I think we should have t-shirts printed for them (either as a thank-you, or just to exploit them) that say something like this:

[M.O.M. logo]
Official Water Boy


[M.O.M. logo]
Fan Club

I'd be happy to chip in a few bucks if it's not too late to get them made - what do you ladies think? Or, do they get cooler Ragnar shirts?


  1. They do get volunteer shirts that they are suppose to wear while they are volunteering so people know that they are "official". I'm all for a thank you gift though, maybe a gift card or something?

  2. how about
    Support Staff

    I'll throw in a few dollars too...can I get one for Brian even though he's not a volunteer?

  3. Thank you gifts for the volunteers have been secured. If you want to make shirts etc. for your own family etc. feel free but your on your own! I'm thinking sharpie and old T-shirts for my fam!