Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day of Reconing it's April 15th, the day that I am officially done with tax season. I can now repent of my lack of training and miles and really buckle down to get ready for this race....Don't worry, I promise not to be the weak link in June. I seriously need a strength training routine to get me back into shape though...Tara?? we need to talk. I also need to take a trip over to SolePepper to get some new shoes and clothes. Anyone up for a trip next Saturday (the 24th)?

So, it's no more excuses for me...if you see me and I haven't been running, let me have it (not that Susan would have a problem for this, the big snitch). As Adrienne would say, it's time for the megaphone.

I'll see some of you on Saturday morning! 2 months and counting!!


  1. I'd be happy to talk to you about strength training anytime. (Or meet you at the gym one day for a little routine)

    I might be up for a trip to SolePepper. Let me know what time you might go, and I'll check the schedule.

  2. We could always go to Solepepper all stinky and sweaty after our run Saturday morning... that would show them that we're hardcore... ha, ha, ha....

  3. Why don't you RUN to Solepepper :) Love you guys. And Steph if your so gung ho want to trade legs? I'm pooped out.

  4. name the time at the gym and I'll meet you there...Adrienne..heck have a crazy leg...Susan, we can go next week after our run...sounds fine to me!