Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coal Creek Trail

A BIG shout out to Susan who completed her longest run EVER on Sat! Susan, Amy, Steph and I had so much fun on the Coal Creek Trail. We will for sure doing it again. AND--L.O.V.E running with friends. It is ever so much better. More group runs coming....

If anyone wants to go in the A.M. on Wed, the Allisons and I are doing a quick 4.5 mile interval run. Leaving my house at 6:10. Any takers?


  1. Hey...for the record, that was my longest run ever also. I've only done 4 miles going up to 6 was a record for me even though I feel short of everyone else's 8.5 that day. you guys are awesome...I felt pretty awesome also considering I hadn't run for more than 2 weeks up to that day.

  2. And oh ya, I think I'll join you guys Wed. morning, as long as I'm home by 7:30. See you then!

  3. Good job gals! You are all doing such amazing things! Susan- I've been hearing all about how incredible you are at Lifetime on that treadmill!

  4. Amber, you mean you've been hearing all about my profuse sweating?!? I swear, the belt is completey soaked when I'm done. Ew. Lately, Mr. Treadmill and I have been friends, except today though. Anyway - this cardiopoint training program they have me on is TOTALLY WORKING! I'm a believer!

    And Saturday's run rocked! It totally helped to run with friends... made the time and miles fly by... and I work harder with people I know watching! :)

    Wednesday sounds fun, but I can't run again until Saturday - Dr's orders. Dang.

  5. Tara, I would love to join Wed. morning but David is out of town. Have fun. Maybe next week.