Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi team. I have never posted before. I am Natalie, Tara's sister. I live out in Utah and am so excited to be doing the WBR again (I did it about 6 years ago). I am looking forward to meeting all of you when we race.

I just want to share a book that has inspired and helped me with my running lately. It's called BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougal. My friend lent it to me a couple of weeks ago and it is changing the way I feel about running. I'm one who loves to run because of the feeling I get AFTER it's over. I have a few good runs here and there, but mostly, I put on my music and try not to think about how much further I have to go. Reading this book has inspired me to reevaluate how I run and how I feel about running. I have had 2 straight weeks without a bad run. I am learning to let running be what it is... let my mileage be what it is... and to let my mind and heart be where they are during my runs. I am really enjoying my time out there on the trails. So pick it up if you want to...


  1. Sounds like one I might have to check out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Me too (gonna check out that book). I totally get caught up in the mind games of running.

  3. Just put it on my reading list....
    And FYI, it must work, because while I was in Utah we did Amber's hill workout, and at the end Nat said, "That wasn't so bad." Meanwhile I was huffing and puffing all the way home.