Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Bunch of Divas!

I can see what kind of team we have here. Over 18 comments on what we are wearing and how many about the spa? It's sort of hilarious. Sort of if I wasn't captain. Any volunteers yet? Anyone? Anyone? Steph--thanks for picking up one set of reflective gear. I will as well but we will need more. Is anyone else able to? Anyone? Anyone? You can get a reflective vest anywhere from $5 to $70, they aren't that expensive. Some cute ones I found at and Of course these are trendy high end ones. I hope everyone knows that all the stuff we are talking about (spa, team shirts, visors, etc.) is an OPTION and nobody is required to buy shirts, etc., I don't want to financially burden anyone.
Happy Running,


  1. I was also thinking the same thing. I just commented on voting on what we all would like to wear, but maybe we should vote on whether to have anything first. Or of course, we could always just get a T made to wear after and choose our own running clothes...... I am up for whatever. should we have a vote about that?

  2. p.s. when I am typing my thoughts are quicker then my hands and so therefore I suck at typing and making sense and I am to impatient to re read what i wrote so for those of you who have a hard time understanding my horrid english/grammar/spelling what have you I apologize =)

  3. That's because we know this isn't about running--it's about looking good while we run. J/K!!!!

    I think Rusty will be a volunteer, and I'll ask Natalie if her hubby might be interested.

    I will also buy a reflective vest (but probably a cheap one, as I'm not one to run at night too much). I know Rusty has at least one headlight. What other stuff do we need? I'm thinking I read something about a flashing light???

  4. We've got at least 1 headlamps in our camping gear... so I will definitely make that available to me and those in my van.

    Also, while it's about looking good while we run - it's also about looking good in our BGP's! Or, those of us who may not wear BGP's, without! :)

    You ladies DO realize that we will be having our race/girls weekend over Father's Day? So, we're gonna have to make it up to them somehow...

  5. Jen - you make sense to me babe! I vote for having a vote;)(kidding) I have a head lamp and am planning on buying a reflective vest too (a cheap one).

  6. so Carrie and Tara, where are you getting your vests? I have like 3 headlamps from Brian's dad...long story..but I don't know if they are ones you run in...I guess I'll try them out during the day and see how they hold on..

    I vote also for the vote...Jen, I think you should come up with the clothing options we can order...prices included and we can all vote on what stuff to order and then place our orders...we're running out of time... would it be easier just to have another team meeting and bring Adrienne in by phone?