Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Energy Bars

I saw this article on the Cooking Light website, and I was intrigued. They listed their energy bar top picks. It was fun to see what they chose and why. I myself only eat these on occasion--like when I need a recovery after the gym, but know I won't be home in time. I am totally a whole food advocate, and don't think you really need energy bars very often. There is lots of "real" food that is more healthy for your body, and will help you recover from a workout just as quickly. But, convenience is important too and certainly plays a role in what we eat! So, go check out the article and tell me what you think! Here's the "Bottom Line" :

" Bars are good for occasional use, but their convenience comes with a much higher price tag than just as nutritious whole food."


  1. I love the Clif X bars for kids and they also have mini regular cliff bars that I feel are great for recovery! But it is true, nothing beats all natural foods! Milk is a GREAT source of protein!

  2. I love natural foods too, but I am lazy about thinking about that stuff ahead of time and if I don't have something in my bag I somehow end up in the Sonic Drive thru....not good :)

  3. I am going to have to say that I always steer clear of energy bars. Yes sometimes they are a must when you are running out the door or if your kids are eating fast food and you need to distract yourselves from the fries but just remember most of the time they are for meal replacement so if you want to eat one just be prepared. I am a high volume eater so I would rather munch on a huge salad or a big bowl of low fat yogurt and granola with fruit. But I do agree with Tara, they are great to have for after your workout if you know you wont be able to eat anything in that first half hour of your workout!

  4. Alright, I admit it... I eat them all the time! (Well, 1 - 2 a day.) I'm really good at whipping one out for myself when I am on the go and/or feeding my kids junk.

    I am also not a breakfast person at all... so I started eating them years ago for breakfast almost everyday - merely for the fact that I eat 'something' vs. nothing. I do count those calories in my daily totals... Lately though, I have been doing more cottage cheese and fruit combos for breakfast and my body likes that...

    I almost always come home and make a shake after my workouts... if not - another bar (actually just 1/2).

    I guess I will make this a goal of mine - to eat more real breakfast's (I just don't like many typical breakfast foods). I'm disturbed, I know.

  5. Another big reason I eat one most mornings for breakfast is because I am a first-thing-in-the-morning exerciser and if I eat "real" food, I feel gross during my workout.