Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Since moving to Arizona my running routes have changed. I thought I would share with everyone. I would love to see where you get your run on. Post where you run by the end of May and receive a reward from yours truly when we meet at WBR.

I think Martha Stewart is going to be calling any day asking if my bedroom nook can be featured in her magazine. The silk taffeta inverted pleat style drapes hung on the estate silver crystal rod paired with the Smooth Fitness 7.35 model treadmill....it's a designer's dream! Am I wrong?
Here is a picture of the gate I jump over everyday to get out for my run. I usually do some sort of mountain climb up the rocked pillar and then side swing the legs over top landing on the other side.
Sometimes I'll jump over this part of the fence in my front yard.
Forgive me for being worldly but I run by this house everyday and it is AMAZING! I want them to be my new best friends--because I'm sure they are humble and nice not because they have money growing out their ears. (notice the camera shot from the car, I didn't want them to arrest me if we were going to be new BFF's)
Here it is Cactus Mountain, okay it's not really called that. It is actually a state park called Thunderbird State Park and it is a half a mile from my house. Here is a view from my balcony of it. Pretty cool.

I realize all these pictures look pretty much the same, don't worry, they do in real life too. Lots of desert, cactus and rolling hills. The picture below had a lot of trails as well and I use to run there until my neighbor told me it was full of rattlesnakes....now I skip those trails.
So what do you think about where I run? Where do you run? Happy Running M.O.M. ladies!


  1. I totally love the idea of posting pictures where we run! I am going to start working on mine :)

  2. I think it will be really cool to see where everyone else runs! Mine would be really really boring though (the path that runs through the neighborhood, Anthem, and the 'ol treadmill!)

  3. I'm going to need a little more insight into this supposed prize we get before I take my camera out and take pics of my extremly boring runs in Erie...which consist of Erie Commons, the path to Vista Pointe, Austin Ave. between my house and Susan/Amy's and the dirt road that is between Vista Parkway and Bonnell Ave.

    Your treadmill niche is divine I might add Adrienne...do you watch yourself in the mirror to see how hot you look when you run?!?

  4. This is a fun idea! I'm excited to do it! I know a lot of us do the same trails, but who knows, maybe we'll be inspired and find a new awesome run.

  5. Dear Stephanie,
    The mirror is so I don't have to stare at the wall. I know the height looks a bit odd but Travis runs here too and he is taller and hung the mirror accordingly. You can kind of see the french doors reflecting in the mirror, so I open the doors, listen to the waterfall that goes into our pool, turn off the lights and pretend I'm running somewhere tropical-while listening to Lady GaGa of course :) And to answer about the insight of the prize?? Come on now--have I ever let you down before? Trust me--just post the pics girl.

  6. I'm excited to post pics! That is something I really like about running (outside) is that you get to see views you don't pay attention to from your car. The route I've been doing is boring - just strait out and back on the dump road - but after you get past the high school it is so peaceful and quiet, you can almost just turn off your ipod and enjoy it:)

  7. Carrie and I tried to take pics from our run today but of course there was a camera malfunction and we don't have anything to show for it. But it was a beautiful morning!

  8. Bummer Jarrie, try again another day. I always wish I had a camera with me on some runs. Some things you just can't see from a car or the side of the road. Sometimes the best places you can only get to with your feet. We are so blessed.