Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Ultimate Playlist

Scroll to the bottom of the blog and you will see our ultimate playlist! Comment here if there are songs you want me to add.

Rock on!


  1. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it to fit in the sidebar--maybe rusty can help when he gets home.

  2. okay, I have a couple of adds! that is a cool little thingy - great to share good ideas musicwise.

    Give a little More - Maroon 5
    Just a Dream - Nelly
    Only Girl (in the world) -Rihanna
    DJ got us falling in love again - Usher
    4 minutes - Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake
    In the waiting line- Simple things
    Best of Whats around - Dave Mathews Band

  3. Tara, this is GREAT!! Thank you for putting our list together...just what I need to refresh my music!!

  4. Thanks Tara, Tessa had a great time dancing to it last night, and I am h
    Hoping to run to it later today.

  5. Thanks for putting that together! Sweet!!

  6. Great suggestions Erin! Going to add them now....

  7. Bleed it out by linkin park is my go-to for hills. a few new ones that pick me up are "hello sunshine" by Barlow girl , "you and I" by Anarbor , and "Overweight" (edited) by Blue October:)
    Thanks for putting this together Tara - it's awesome:)