Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi, I'm Amy and here's my family: My oldest boy is 13, then daughter 11, then younger boy is 8, and littlest girl is 5, and husband Doug. I think it's so cool how many kids we all have together which is why I love the M.O.M name! I WAS the oldest and slowest on the team last year, maybe Jen beats me by a few months in age. I ran Wasatch Ragnar last year with the team and loved it! I came home in awe of how awesome all these women are and loved all the camaraderie and encouragement shared amongst us. The greatest thing about the relay race is that we are all at different levels and just rooting each other on! My husband has done triathlons and marathons, my two older kids can outrun me, so I just try to keep up with all of them which is getting hard as I get older and they just get faster!

I have a photography business and my husband and I own a Great Harvest, so I have not a lot of time to train but I just keep trying.... and looking forward to next year when all 4 kids will be in school all day--oh happy day! (Took Susan's and Steph's pics below...I also have Amy W's family pic Tara if you need one if she doesn't post!).

I'm runner 6 in Van #1 Team #1, bringing in the rear (literally, my rear!) Can't wait to get to CA and party with the ladies...seriously it's like living in Siberia here in CO this winter!


  1. I love this pic. The colors are stunning. Amy is totally amazing--we had so much fun rockin in Van 1 last year. And we get to spend 4 or 5 glorious days together at girls camp this summer!

  2. Aw thanks Tara! We do get to spend a bunch of time together this year, in our most smelliest of conditions (running and camping). Good thing we like each other! :)