Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello, My Name is Susan, and I'm Endorphinoholic

I am on team 1 (MOM), Van 2, Runner 12.  I'm that girl who loves to go to the gym, almost always 5 days a week. (I don't know if it's because I truly love working out, or because I get a guaranteed daily break from my kids, which I otherwise wouldn't get with a workaholic and churchaholic husband.  Probably both.)  Although I've been running for about 3 years now, I still consider myself a total novice.  I like to run, but I love to cross-train more.  However, I love to run with this group of girls - it feeds my soul, not just my body! :)  One thing I do love about running is the [almost] immediate positive feedback you get.  If I work hard, I pretty much get immediate results.  There's so much in my life (i.e. parenting) where you don't get much positive feedback (at least not right away, or even in the same decade), so I love that running fills this need for me.  Oh yeah, and it's super helpful in keeping me in a certain-size pant.

Jess: I think we are in the same van, so let me warn you that I am also that girl who gets really, really hyper when I'm tired.  Consider yourself warned.

This is my crew:  husband Fred, son Jared (almost 12), Jenna is 7.5 (those half-years are important!), Lillian is 4 and Meghan will be 2 in April.
I must also add that our super cool teammate Amy B. took this picture!

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  1. Susan--that's why we love you! We thrive on all the crazy! Susan was the MVP of our team last year--amazingly hard worker, and amazingly fun to be with!