Monday, February 21, 2011

Listen to amybrasiers Playlist

So here's my list. I'm SOOO burned out on these songs,
so thanks for sharing yours! I listen to Pandora a lot and
my favorite playlists have been lady gaga, taylor swift,
katy perry, christina aguilera (Burlesque soundtrack is awesome).
Lately, I've been loving Joss Stone, "Free
Me". Mostly I like songs that tell me to keep going and
are motivating with a good beat. Thus you'll see from the
list below. Michael Jackson is always good for me too.
:) Enjoy!

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  1. This is so great! Where did you get that player from?? Keep the playlists coming ladies!

  2. That is great. I do pandora most of the time. I listen to Bob Marley a lot. It is fun, yet relaxing,

  3. It's I found it searching for workout music on someone else's blog and clicked on it to create my own. It's free, just have to get past the ads and you're good. It doesn't have every song, but a lot. It would be great to have everyone create one to share on the blog. We can even have one posted on the sidebar of favorites or something..We can access each other's playlists through the website.

  4. Amy--I love that idea. I'll spear head the effort.