Monday, February 7, 2011

Jen Crook

Hi, I'm Jen and I am from Layton, Utah. I think I am on Team #1 in Van #1. I am probably the oldest in the crowd (just turned 38) and probably the most beginner too. My hubby Daryl and I have been married almost 18 years. We have 4 kids. BriAnna is almost 16 and I will likely miss her first date for this race. Hopefully Dad will take lots of fun photos. Her birthday is a few days before we leave on the 11th. Jaiden is our only boy and is 13 1/2. Makynlee is almost 9 and Tessa is 5 1/2.

I have never been a runner but have participated in many 5K's over the years and never been too serious about it. Amy B. got me thinking I might be able to do this race and although I have had doubts many times, I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I probably won't die. :) I have not deviated at all in my training since Christmas when I finally got the green light to exercise after a bout with pneumonia. I am now happy to report I can run the whole length of my first/longest leg. We'll see how that translates on the road but it's bound to be a littler easier at such a low elevation. If I could shed my excess 40 pounds I know it would be easier but so far in 6 weeks I have only lost 3 pounds. Maybe by 2012 Wasatch Back, I will finally be lean and mean!

I am super excited and a little overwhelmed to be in everyone's company. Everyone seems super fit and serious about running. I am trying and working hard and I think this will be a good experience for me. It is shaking me right out of my comfort zone for sure. I hope I can learn everyone's name. The photos here is a great idea, although I doubt I will remember everyone. Can't wait to meet everyone in 65 days!

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  1. Wow! Is it really only 65 days away?? Jen--I think you are vying to take away Susan's MVP status--your training sounds amazing. You are going to fit right in with us. We really are just here to cheer each other on, have a great time, and hang out with some amazing women. You are in for the time of your life.