Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let The REAL Fun Begin!

This week marks the first 2-a-days of the season.  HOORAY!  Can you feel my excitement?  Let me tell you, I *feel* it!  Specfically, in my quads... they're screamin', but they're not screamin' "hooray!"

Here is some 6 AM glory:
Jamie - Susan - Kimberlie - Tara

And a 1:30 PM fiesta:
Kristin - Jarrie - Susan - Tara

One down, six more to go (multiple run days).

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!

How was YOUR first 2-a-day?


  1. Fun!!! Way to go ladies:) So I think I missed an important meeting or post(btw I am loving all the posts in the last week!!!) - we are running w/ aprons & pearls? just checkin!:)

  2. Carrie--Call me tomorrow and we'll talk. I didn't want to overwhelm you just when you were getting home!

    Susan--six more to go??? You are doing 6? I was only planning on 4.....

  3. And THANK YOU weather gods for a BEAUTIFUL 2nd run. It was soooooo nice to run in the sunshine!

  4. The Intermediate plan has 6 more, but I think I may just follow the Novice plan which alternates a 2- or 3-a-day one week with a long run the next. Whereas, the Intermediate plan has a 2- or 3- a day every week, with a long run on the 2-a-day weeks (which DOES sound incredibly ridiculous!). I guess I wasn't really paying attention to that when I counted them up for my post last night.

    So, only 4 more for me too! :)

  5. Fhewf.....I was getting worried! Although if you don't like long runs, I think the 2/day is good option to do every week. But a long run AND a 2/day. Who are the people who do that????? They are even more crazy, psychotic, runners than we are. And I thought that was impossible. ;)