Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boot Camp workout

We had a great workout in Boot Camp yesterday I thought I'd share. It could work as a speed workout, or a recovery/slower day as well. We did it on an indoor track. Here's the format:

Warm-up 1 mile
Then for the next 45 minutes you alternate between running a lap and doing a set of weights. Example: 20 squat, run a lap, 20 more squats, run a lap, 15 push-ups, run a lap, 15 more push-ups, run a lap.
We did squats, push-ups, biceps, triceps, and back. We cooled down with some ab work and stretching.

We kept our weights right next to the track so we could have as little transition time as possible.
If you wanted this to be a speed day, just run every lap at 5k pace or faster. If you want this to be a recovery/slower day, run the laps at a pace that feels like you could carry on a conversation. Just another idea for a snowy day run when you can't be outside. (although you certainly could do it on an outdoor track too!)

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