Saturday, February 19, 2011

MY Playlist

I will add a few of my own favorites from my Playlist. I am a little random too, anything with a good HARD strong beat and I am also a Gleek. So quite a few of mine are mashups from Glee.

Bad Romance-Lady Gaga
Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Oh Yeah- the song at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (I have no idea where I got it from or what the real name of it is.)
Rock and Roll part 2 -Timerider II (I think I ripped the music off of YouTube-it's got an awesome beat even if there are no lyrics or talent involved.)
Hope it Gives you Hell (Glee version)
I've Got a Feeling -Black Eyed Peas
LOTS of 80's music
Goodbye Seventies-Yaz
Mony Mony-Billy Idol
I'm Gonna be 500 Miles- The Proclaimers
Footloose- Kenny Loggins
My Life Would Suck Without You-Glee
We've Got The Beat - The Go-Go's
My Sharona- The Knack (and I think of Doug Brasier EVERY single time I hear this.)
Lots of Erasure
Viva La Vida-ColdPlay
BreakAway-Big Pig (also ripped off of Youtube)
Marry You-Glee
Just the Way you are-Bruno Mars
Funkytown-Lipps, Inc
I Love Rock and Roll-Joan Jett
Single Ladies-Beyonce
Lots of Eurthymics
YOu Belong With Me-Taylor Swift
Cruel Crazy Beautiful World-Johnny Clegg

Don't judge me by my playlist. My super righteous teenagers think I should be going to Hell for having Lady Gaga on the playlist so we'll just keep this quiet OK?

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  1. Yay! A fellow Gleek! We have similar taste in music--lots of these find their way onto my playlist as well!