Monday, February 21, 2011


What is everyone eating pre/post workout? I am running out of ideas. I like to do whole foods and my staples are:

pre workout:
-whole wheat toast with peanut butter
-one egg on toast or tortilla

post workout:
-chocolate banana shake (chocolate milk, banana, yogurt, ice)
-apples with almond butter

I am also working on fitting in my daily 5 fruits and veggies... It's hard. Any little tips on that?

One more thing... not food related...

Are you guys doing strength training or just running now? I am trying to strength train, but usually only fit it in once/week.


  1. Natalie,

    I am not the best when it comes to nutrition. In runners magazine I read about popping Nature Valley Granola Clusters before running. I eat about 7 clusters before and take some for the road. The magazine said they have a good mix of carbs, protein, and sugar that you need. I don't do anything special after, just hydrate. I also drink gatorade almost the whole time. It saved me from heat exhaustion in my last relay and now I can't go without it.

  2. I usually run in the morning. And my favorite cereal of choice is frosted mini wheats. Perfect combination of sweet and sustaining.

    Post workout I am a HUGE believer in protein. I try to do whole foods--turkey and cheese, whole wheat toast and peanut butter, etc, but in a pinch I do muscle milk. Which is gross. But oh so helpful to my recovery. I also like the Gatorade recovery drink.

    I, like Jess, HYDRATE like crazy. If I don't I get major headaches.

    My only tip for more fruits and veggies is MENU PLAN. It seems to be the only way it is possible. I'll do a post on menu planning later in the week....

    As far as strength training goes, I have been doing 2x/week, but as race day get's closer and I need to get more hard runs in, I'll probably drop down to 1 day. With your Ragnar and Marathon training 1x/week is fine. After your marathon, you might want to cut back on the running and add a second day of cross training.

  3. I'm an early-morning worker-outer, and so I eat very minimally (because if I have too much in my belly I feel gross), usually a piece of fruit and a nutrition bar. Post work-out I go high-protein like Tara, with either make a protein shake or greek yogurt. I am obsessed with greek yogurt right now so I even have it at night for dessert. Mmmmmm.

    And I weight train 2x per week, but I'm not training for a marathon!

  4. I do weight 2x a week right now, but as I put in more runs and 2 a days...that will go down to 1. I can't eat a lot before a run or work out (as Tara can attest) but I'm starving afterwards. I wish I liked the Gatoraides...but I don't, I'm a water person, sometimes with a Crystal light packet mixed in for flavor. I like the Power Bar engergy bites (which I can only find at REI) I think they taste pretty good and they're good at sustaining energy during a long run.

  5. I eat a light bowl of cereal before exercising and then I LOVE the Biggest Loser protein shakes mix for afterwards. It's not full of calories since I am too fat, not a good idea. GREAT flavor though. A little strong so I dilute it with more water. Just bought some little packets to have for the race.