Friday, February 25, 2011

10k time

Hi my running Divas! It is getting close for us to submit our starting time! Will everyone please go in and update your 10k pace? I'd recommend sometime this week running a 10k (6.2 miles) at a "competitive" pace. That way we can get accurate times. After everyone submits their pace, and we get our start time, we will be able to do a race projection--and that is always fun!


  1. I just updated mine. I log my runs on my computer, so I took my 10K time from November. It was 8 min. 11 sec. miles, so I put an 8'15". I have no clue what my pace is. I don't race 10K's ever, so that is just a guess, if I were racing it, I would probably shoot for under 8 minutes, since my last half marathon was 8 min. miles even, so you would think I could do six faster, but who know's. Hope that is ok.

  2. Jess--I think that is fine. They will project your entire pace for the race off that #, so it's wise to err on the side of caution.