Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Okay, so who is getting an apron?? Are we sticking with a certain color theme or just getting anything we want??...there is some super cute ones on Etsy and I'm eyeing the one above. Does this fit what we're looking for?? I'm really not sure what to get. I thought this one would go lovely with a strand of pearls and pearl earings....plus I think it's adorable and I will wear it around the house...it reallly would give me a more dressed up look than my normal kitchen attire. I might add a pair of white gloves if I can find some and then my outfit will be complete unless you guys tell me I'm headed in the wrong direction.


  1. Nuts! You guys are nuts! Can't wait to see pictures :) Now I'm jealous and want to run.

  2. That is cute. Mine is red too!!!

  3. Super cute. I'm going to the antique store in Lafayette tomorrow to see if they still have the aprons I saw before...I will let you guys know if you don't want to order/pay shipping online.
    Question: Does each runner need their own, or is anyone willing to go in on one? I'm not imagining wearing it in the car or anything, so it seems like we just need it for pictures, and for some pics of our current runner?

  4. Steph: I love it! I don't think we need to coordinate colors... I think we should individualize it to whatever we want.

  5. Steph--I'm with Susan--we can be just as unique as we want to be.

    Amy--people could totally share aprons.

    Adrienne--you can have 1/2 my miles. Come run! :)

  6. thanks guys...I just ordered it!! Ya, I wasn't planning on running with anything on...or even taking it to Califonia. Adrienne, you can have all my miles but 1 (so I can still be on the team), I'm not getting my runs in like I should be!