Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"This is your Captain Speaking!"

So tonight was the captains meeting for WBR and boy was it exciting. Aside from me thinking "That's an hour and a half of my life I can't get back" they did have some pretty useful information. So grab some popcorn, a drink, and get comfortable...this could take a few.

First off, in case you don't know the Wasatch Back was the original Ragnar race and is considered the "Grand Daddy" of the Ragnar races so I think it's cool that we are running our first Ragnar here! It's also the biggest race with the most runners for Ragnar. This year over 1000 teams so that is a lot of peeps out there. Should add to the excitement but could add to congestion so be prepared for that.

They first spoke about all the new safety changes which I already mentioned in my other post so I'll just add a few things to it that haven't been mentioned. They are going to have more water stations on longer legs. Two for legs over 4 miles and 3-4 for legs 8 or more. But they did mention to try to have your runners just carry what they will need. Some legs and parts of legs will be "non-support" legs where the van will not be allowed to assist the runner at all. You can pull the van clear off the road into a parking lot or gas station etc. and cheer for your runner but you won't be allowed to cross street or assist runner in anyway. You are allowed to assist "distressed" runners. This doesn't mean someone that needs water but maybe someone who looks like they are going to die, or twisted their ankle and is down or something like this.
Check the updated race bible for the legs to see if yours is one, but briefly they are 13, 21-25, 27 and sections of 10, 32, 28, 29. Leg 35 and 36 are also hard legs to get to your runner from the van. So basically a lot so just plan to support yourself ladies...we are tough we'll be fine. The vans can still leapfrog at night but can't provide support. They also are giving flags to each van (credit card deposit required) which must be used DAY and NIGHT by crew anytime they are crossing the street. Runner doesn't have to carry a flag (duh).

In addition to the Race Bible that we are printing and bringing ourselves they will give each van a Ragmag which has maps and info in there. We will get that at the start. When Van 1 checks in they will be given ALL bibs, safety pins, goodie bags, T-shirts, and Ragmags for both vans. Check in is 1 hour before start time so 7:15. All members of Van 1 have to first attend a 10 minute "safety meeting" at the start, receive a certificate that says we have and then we will be allowed to check in where we need to show all our reflective vests etc. JUST FOR VAN 1. Van 2 will attend the same safety meeting before they are allowed to check in at exchange 6. So you will need all members there and get the certificate then Amber can check you in WITH ALL YOUR REFLECTIVE VESTS ETC. So this is different than what I thought. Van 1 and Van 2 will be together at this major exchange and at this point Van 1 will give Van 2 peeps all their bibs, goodie bags, ragmag etc. So basically Van 2 doesn't have to wake up early or be at start van 1 will just meet them at Exchange 6. Cell phones will be important to find a spot to meet since there will be lots of peeps there.
Bibs must be worn on the front of the runner at all times. Temperatures vary from 35-95 degrees so be prepared to layer. Bibs are allowed on bottoms but please pin on left leg. It's important because about when the runner is a quarter of a mile away from the exchange a volunteer will be there and will radio ahead with the team # of who is coming and then the volunteer at the exchange will announce to those waiting so they can get ready for their team member. If you use a bib belt that is fine if you slide it to the back during your run just slide it back to the front as you approach the volunteers at the end.
Oh, I forgot something on the safety stuff. Each Van needs a "safety navigator" which is basically the same as a crew member which we thought of long ago because we are way too smart for our own good. This person needs to sit in the passenger seat and make sure runner is safe, make sure people don't get out of the van unless they are lit up like the 4th of July in all their reflective gear and make sure everyone exits on the passenger side of the vehicle. This is a rule for everyone except the driver. The "safety navigator" can be different people taking turns.
Exchanges are going to be nutty because there are so many freaking people (400) more teams than last year. In the past they allowed people to sort of sleep wherever, parks, fields etc. but they are only allowing people to sleep in designated sleeping areas at the exchanges this year or in your car. Hotels or people's houses are fine too but I don't think our team was planning that.
Both Vans are only allowed at the major exchanges 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and finish or else you are penalized. If you break safety rules they have a 3 strikes your out policy, except some rules are immediate disqualifications. I won't go over all these as their is a lot but Tara, Amber, and myself have read all these so if we tell you not to do something just listen to us unless you want us to kick your butt! One immediate disqualifying rule is "No peeing on people's property" so if your running by someone's house please don't squat on their porch and leave them a nice surprise or else we will immediately be disqualified.
Back to the exchanges. There are alternate exchanges at some of the minor exchanges like 16 and 21, both vans are allowed at the Alternate exchanges just not the main exchange that runners are coming into.
If a runner is injured and cannot continue any runner can finish their leg and any runner from either van can finish their other legs you just can't split the leg between runners.
Tara and Natalie and yours truly-please let your husbands know that they will be contacted by their exchange manager in the week leading up to the race and will then be trained by their exchange manager when they show up for their volunteer shift. Thanks again for our volunteers.
Nutrition suggestions from Ragnar-**for the runner, carry what you'll need during your run**
Don't try something for the first time this race. Learn how you operate. Label food so your teammates don't eat it and you need it for your run.
Food along the way:
Obviously some stuff all over along the way but some parts we will be in mtns. and maybe not as many options. Here is what they said:
Exchange 6-Rubios, free chips, salsa, quac for all runners, 20% of bill donated to American Cancer Society-cool.
Exchange 12-Snow Basin, grill fare, resort prices-takes credit cards.
Exchange 16-Morgan High, subway premade sandwiches and ala carte stuff, fundraiser for school, also sleeping inside $1, showers $1 etc. Bring lots of $1 bills for stuff like this along the way.
Exchange 18-Not a lot of food, sort of in the middle of nowhere. That's why they have an Alternate hangout at 16.
Exchange 21-- pasta, pancake brkfst, depending on time you arrive, another school fundraiser.
Exchange 24--Scout fundraiser for Jeremy Kunz (he was the runner who was killed by a drunk driver at the Vegas Ragnar) various food options.
Finish Line at Canyons Resort--All restaraunts etc. open, bands, hoopla. Gondola will also be operating if you want to ride to top and eat at the top.
Last of all, if you would like to run the Wasatch Back again in 2011 they are registering teams at the finish line. They are allowing WBR runners first dibs on next years race and the registration dates are Finish line, 20th and 21st. Payment due at registration. For me, I'm a been there done that kind of girl so won't be running next year but wanted to let you know in case you were interested. It doesn't have to be the same team. Anyone who would like to step up as a captain has this chance at early registration. They are expecting it to sell out quickly as it has 200 teams on the waiting list for this year right now.
I think that is it.....Any questions?
TMI?? Feel free to smack me when you see me :)

Thanks Everyone!!! Happy Running,

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  1. Wow--I'm tired just reading all that. Thanks for sitting through the meeting.

    And now on top of no headphones we can't even pee on people's property? As I was planning on marking my territory all along the way, this is a huge disappointment. ;)