Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IMPORTANT: New Rule Changes for Wasatch Back!!

Ragnar has made some major changes (last minute I might add) that we need to be aware of. It took me quite a bit of detective work (annoyingly) but I did confirm that EVERY member of the team must have a reflective vest. LED tail lights and Headlamp numbers stay the same. Other changes are listed below. The one people (including myself) may be most frustrated with is listed last--NO HEADPHONES. I'm guessing there may be other changes but I haven't read through the whole race bible yet. I will and let everyone know.

14.B) Exiting and being outside the vehicle

Remember that these are open roads. Adhere to following rules and guidelines

Every member of the team (including drivers) must have his or her own reflective vest. Everyone that is

out of the vehicle on the course at night must wear a reflective vest. This includes exchanges, shoulders,

roadways, and parking lots adjacent to the course. Reflective Vests must be worn between the hours of

7:30 pm and 6:30 am. From DUSK TO DAWN, KEEP YOUR VEST ON. Other than the driver, everyone must

exit the vehicle on the passenger side. We also encourage you to wear bright colored clothing at all times

of day and Light/Bright clothing at night. Dark clothing is very hard to see at night.

14.C) Road Crossing

Any team member crossing the road must do so with an orange crossing flag, day or night (This applies to the

support crew – not the “on” runner) Teams will be given flags at the safety briefings. Three flags will be provided at

the start to Van 1 and three flags will be provided at Exchange 6 for Van 2. A credit card deposit of $10 is required

for each flag, but that amount will not be charged to the cards if they are returned at the finish.

Obey all traffic/pedestrian and j-walking laws

Cross at crosswalk if there is a crosswalk within sight

No crossing if there is a median

No crossing roads with more than two lanes. (One lane in each direction)

o Roads with a total 3 lanes or more may be crossed at cross walks.


15.F) Mandatory Safety Training Meeting at Start Line and Major Exchange 6

There will be a mandatory Safety Training meeting at the race Start Line for van 1 and at Major Exchange Six for

van 2. (Ultra teams need only attend safety training at the start) Each team is required to have all team members,

who are present, attend the Safety Training. The Safety Training will last approximately 10-15 minutes. Each van

will receive a safety packet at the training session. The safety packet includes items that need to be displayed in

the vehicle along with the safety rules. Please arrive at least 1 hour early to the Start Line and Exchange Six to

allow adequate time to attend Safety Training.

15.H) Safety Training Certificate Needed to Check-in and Start Running

Each van representative will receive a card indicating they have completed the Safety Training. Van 1 will need to

present the card in order to check-in at the Start, van 2 will need to have runner 7 present the card to the

volunteer at Major Exchange 6 in order to start running.

13.D) Headphones

The use of personal music devices with headphones while running is prohibited. In an overnight relay, roads are

not closed during the race and participants are running through the night. This format requires that all runners be

alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. Wearing personal music devices causes distractions and the

inability to hear what is going on around the runner.

Don't panic about the no headphone rule. Try a couple practice runs without yours. It will be okay.

Happy Running,



  1. sooo...do I start running without music now or just wait until the race and let it all be a new experience at the same time... What if we just have a headphone in 1 ear...? this is going to be interesting!! It did say that on legs longer than 4 miles there will be one water station and legs over 8 miles, there will be 2...so that's good.

  2. well, at least now with no headphones I can hopefully hear the cougar tracking me on my nice 9.6 miler at 1:45 in the morning and hopefully out smart it! Plus, I am sure all the lovely noises of bugs, bats, whatever else is out at night, snakes will hopefully make me run faster.

  3. good call Jen..Van 2 will be done with their second leg in record time since we'll be hearing the wild life around us!!!

  4. One thought is you just can't have headphones. If you have or know anyone with an I-touch, I-phone or any other device that will play without the headphones it's time to beg, borrow or steal it eh? I'm either going to steal Landon's I -touch and duct tape it to my forehead or perhaps just carry a boombox on my shoulders for an extra arm workout. Time to break out my cassette tapes.

    In all seriousness, sorry for all the added stress and costs (vests) but we will still have tons of fun because We Rock on our own! With or without tunes!!

  5. The no headphones thing has always been the rule. It's not new. I remember reading it long ago. I've ran without headphones plenty of times, and it really isn't bad at all.

    Also, I have an extra headlamp if someone wants to call dibs on it.

    AND, I have a million 20% off apparel coupons to Dicks, so if you don't have a vest yet, get a coupon from me first.

  6. No headphones is a new rule, check the FB Ragnar site if you don't believe me, everyone is up in arms about it. And in Ragnar's email they are announcing it as a new rule. At any rate..

    Ragnar has updated their "Race Bible" with all the new rules and regulations and with that they also have labeled new "non support legs" where a runner is on their own and the van is not allowed to have anybody get out and give water to the runner etc. As Stephanie mentioned Ragnar is going to have some water stations on longer legs which they haven't in the past but download the new race bible and check and see if you have one of the non support legs and make sure you are prepared to carry water if you need it etc. Thanks.

  7. If you feel you might die without music here are some speakers that should work with your ipod for $19.95. You can just go pick some leaves off your money tree in your backyard to pay for all the additional costs courtesy of Ragnar. I think I'll try them since my ear inserts are making me deaf anyway I should probably stop using them. Anyway, thought I'd pass along if anyone is interested.