Thursday, June 3, 2010

Favorite Snack

Hi all. I am doing a survey on recovery or pump it up snacks. Please let me know what you like and when you like it.

Like, cliff bars, shot bloks, luna bars, gu's, 5 hr energy, spark, gatorade, etc.

Don't be shy, let me know asap because I am impatient and I need to finish this survey asap.



  1. I like shot bloks (during my run, 5 hr energy (before my run), graham crackers (before) and after I like a banana or peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!

    Normally I would say chocolate milk but since I cut diary out I dont get that anymore :(

  2. I eat just regular food. The least processed the better. I eat a lot of nuts. Like trail mix. Cashews when I don't care about calories and almonds when I do. I eat Activia, vanilla, about 30-45 minutes before runs if I think about it, helps me go so I can go :)

  3. After the Colder Boulder this winter they gave us a sample of these engergy bar bites...they were little balls... I really liked them for after a run..but I can't find them anywhere.

  4. I like to eat PB on toast before my run and string cheese or nuts afterwards. Once in a while I will have some gatorade after a long run if water is just not cutting it.

  5. I like the Mix 1 drinks, a homemade protein shake (milk, ice, protein powder, and 1/2 banana,) or whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter before a run. I don't ever eat anything during runs. If it's a really long run (like 15 miles or longer) then I'll try and plant a gatorade along the way somewhere but that's it. After a run, I eat a banana, some nuts, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a chocolate milk!

  6. Steph. You can get the little energy bar bites at REI or similar stores.