Tuesday, June 22, 2010

O Captain! Our Captain!

O Captain! Our Captain! our fearful race is here
Our feet have weather'd every rack, the prize we seek is near.
The start is close, the bells I hear, the runners all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady heal, the course long and daring;
But o heart! heart! heart!
O the blood shot eyes of red,
Where on the road my Captain lies,
In desp'rate need of a bed.

O Captain! Our Captain! rise us and hear the yells;
Rise up -for you the headlamps are on - for you the iPod trills;
For you a massage and body glow - for you Susan's dad's a-grillin'
For you we call, this Ragnar team, our eager legs are runnin'
Here Captain! Dear Captain
Soon you'll see your bed;
It is some dream that on this race
So wonderfully we've been led.

(In honor of our wonderful Captain Adrienne and her cronies Tara and Amber. We love you guys! Thanks for a fabulously planned race.)


  1. It was a blast! So sorry for not feeling well though. I feel really bad for not being the energetic self that I usually am! Hope everyone had fun!

  2. This is so so funny. Steph, you are awesome for doing this. This will go down in history!

  3. This is one of the great memories of the weekend! I love it!!