Thursday, June 3, 2010

Seriously So Proud

First off--Seriously Ragnar? You get everyone's BGP's in a ruffle over the no headphone rule, then you change it back 2 days later. Come on. But I'm happy to have my tunes back.

Now that's off my chest I can get on to the real point of this post. I AM SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM. Yesterday/this morning Jen, Amber and I completed a 3-a-day run that totaled 21 miles. Which is the exact length of my Ragnar legs. And MORE than Jen and Amber's legs! Jarrie did 2 of the runs with us, and also did another on her own. And Amy ran her fastest 8 miles ever! She also ran 2 legs with us. And I know all our other teammates are out there doing equally amazing things. You all inspire me to be my best and I love you! M.O.M's ROCK!


  1. You guys look so amazing! Good job ladies. We are going to kill it!

  2. You guys rock!! I still have to do my 3 leg day! I believe I will be doing it Monday so hope all goes well :) Cant wait to meet everyone!!