Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today is National running day, so even if you aren't planning to run today, go run to the mail box or something just because! This day is to recognize how totally awesome running is! WHOOHOO


  1. Oh yeah!! I am running for sure!

  2. Cool!.
    Actually all of my kids and I took a turn on the treadmill. Here is the run down.
    Mom-8.5 miles on a 2-4 incline
    Landon-2 miles at a 9mph pace!
    Dayton-2.5 miles (can't beat big bro speed than beat him with distance)
    Reece-1.3 miles at 4mph yapping the whole time and telling us to say "Go Reece, Go Reece"
    Sadie--I set her on at .5 mph and she lasted til she stepped of the back, 1/4 rotation? She wasn't impressed, I guess we will have to work with her a bit more. :)