Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring 10k?

I remember Adrienne saying that at some point we will need to giver her our current times so that our overall team time could be calculated.  So, I'm thinking it would be fun to run a 10k with as many of our team members as possible.  I've done several 5k's this winter, but I'm anxious to see what my current 10k time would be (haven't run one of those in almost 2 years).  And, I usually perform better for a race than daily workouts anyway.  I saw an advertisement for the Boulder Spring Half Marathon & 10k, but it's on a Sunday - March 14.  Even if I wanted to break the Sabbath (eek!  j/k), I can't that day because Fred has a church assignment that morning.

So, anybody know of any other big races - except the Boulder Bolder... will be out of town for that one (frown), but we probably need to have our times before then anyway... Suggestions?


  1. HI, I think there is a 10k in littleton on April 10th, which I do believe is a Saturday.... i am not sure what exactly it is but it might work.

    Elbert Reflections - 5K/10K - Elbert, Colorado - is on the 17th but I have no idea where Elbert Colorado is???

    I dunno though, I will keep my eyes peeled I found these all on some racing underground website so I am not sure exactly how accurate they are.

  2. There is a website called running in the usa or something like that. It has tons and tons of races. I'll see if I can look today or tomorrow and see what 10k's are coming up. That would also motivate me to train a little harder.