Friday, February 5, 2010

Quote of the day

So I get a quote of the day email from Runner's world everyday and today I thought it was a good one and wanted to share with you guys!

"Ultimately, the best runners are the ones who are willing to work very hard but who have a little bit of a lazy streak in them."

Benji Durden, Coach

I like this because I do feel like I work hard and I am sure that we all feel that way, either at work at home or running, and sometimes I feel like I do get a little lazy but it is comforting to know that WE ARE THE BEST RUNNERS!!!

Happy Weekend!!



  1. The fact that you posted this at 6:11 am shows me that you are a little less lazy than me, seeing as I rolled out of bed around 9 this morning. This quote also made me laugh. It made me think about my Highschool basketball days many moons ago. There was a teammate of mine who would always try to "out do" me and have to run the fastest and be the first during our conditioning workouts. I always thought it was funny because come game day I was the one starting the game and playing most of the time and she was the one sitting on the bench. My point is even though she was "working harder" in her opinion she wasn't working smarter. So the fact that this coach said the best runners were a little lazy can tell you a few things. One thing it tells me is that it is just as important to work smart as it is to work hard. In my basketball days if I would have "competed" with this teammate in our conditioning runs perhaps I would have been better, or perhaps I would have gotten burned out, not used my energy efficiently and been worse. I guess we will never know. Thanks for the quote! Remember to work smart ladies and we will see that finish line soon enough!

  2. This quote also reminds me of another quote that I HATE! We have all heard the quote "Practice makes perfect" This is so wrong because if you practice the wrong thing over and over it will never be perfect. I prefer to say that "Perfect practice makes perfect".