Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What was that?? Another SHOUT OUT NEEDED? WHOO WHOO!

Since I'm the only one obnoxious enough to post stuff on here constantly I wanted to give another Shout out to teammate Sarah Bacher for running the Rock and Roll Marathon last weekend!! Seriously so Awesome!! Whoo Whoo! I was in Phoenix that weekend too and could have did a big hoorah for you as I drove around looking at houses...who knew. Next year-- everyone is invited to crash in AZ at my place (if I ever find a house) and we'll all do the Rock and Roll Marathon together! Rock on! Great Job! P.S. We want to hear all about it! Pictures!?!


  1. Nice job Sarah! I am SO glad that there are enough of you strong runners to take the "Very Hard" legs. :)

  2. Way to go Sarah! Now we need some pics of our two sisters running their marathons! Adrienne--I'll come to AZ in Jan--sounds good to me! (But can I stick with the 1/2??)