Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two steps forward and one step Back

Mama said there would be days like this! Or was it weeks? I think this little post is more for myself than anyone but thought maybe some of you out there have these lull's too. Last week was crazy for me. A frustrating trip to Arizona to find a house followed by a week full of puking and cleaning up from 4 sick little kids and one sick mama and a husband out of town. So yesterday I head to the gym finally and run what felt like a meager 4 miles. Slow and steady and I think to myself "wow, I was gone for one little week and I feel like I've lost so much". Does this happen to anyone else out there? One week I'm running double digit miles then the next I can barely eek out 4. My point is that I have to tell myself to just keep going and you'll get through. If you have days like this, don't get down just keep going and hang in there. The only time you lose is if you quit trying. Mind over mileage ladies. As long as it's two steps forward and one step back and not two steps back and one step forward I think I'll be okay. Happy running everyone.


  1. I have days like this, sometimes I have my plan, run this many miles, then do this workout etc. Then when I get like half way into my run I am like.........am I gonna make it? But whenever I feel like that I always just tell myself to relax and who cares if I don't, and then I usually find some way to get through it. Instead of focusing on how much I have left I just focus on the part I am in now. Then I seem to usually get a second wind. I just think reminding myself that no matter how overwhelming something can seem, I am find with whatever the outcome is. Does that make sense? Anyways it relieves a lot of pressure and helps me stay calm.

    But Adrienne, if I had even 1/2 the amount of stuff going on in my life that you do in yours right now I think I would require a very strong sedative and an extended vacation at some exotic island. Either that or a trip to the funny farm for sure. So just know you are an amazing woman!

  2. Yeaa....the first two times back are the hardest, but then you should feel back up to speed. Sorry about the sick kiddos--we also had the same sickness spread through our house. Y.U.C.K.