Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the Runner is..........

I won't keep you waiting.....
Every runner position is difficult and every runner is important!

In Van #1
Leading us off is .......
Runner #1 Tara Banks
Runner #2 Susan Yates
Runner #3 Jarrie Johns
Runner #4 Amy Brasier
Runner #5 Natalie Bird
Runner #6 Adrienne Jensen

In Van #2
Bringing it home.......
Runner #7 Stephanie Cope
Runner #8 Amy Wilsted
Runner #9 Jen Lorch
Runner #10 Sara Brasher
Runner #11 Amber Schriner
Runner #12 Carrie Christensen

I hope everyone is happy and excited about their Runner #!
As Tara and I ended up in the same van we have asked Amber to be "in charge" of Van 2.
Happy Running everyone!
Adrienne and Tara


  1. Are we driving ourselves or having designated drivers?

  2. AWESOME!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS TOGETHER. I am totally pumped and excited! WHOHOO GO TEAM GO. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.



  3. Thanks Adrienne and Tara for putting it all together:)

  4. Thanks for giving me my first choice! :) Let the training begin! Good to know what I'm aiming for!

  5. I am totally stoked!! We are going to have a blast and to everyone who is nervous about running, dont worry! You will be surprised at what your body can do. :) Thanks for putting it all together!

    Sarah Brasher

  6. Yeaa! Glad to hear everyone is excited! And Steph--in the race itself we are allowed 2 vehicles, so runners 1-6 are in one vehicle, and runners 7-12 in another. Does this make sense?

  7. Adrienne,

    How far is everyone's run? Is this coming up this weekend? ~Laura

  8. The race is in June. It's called the Wasatch Back Relay. Google it. Everyone runs between 13 and 18 miles. 188 miles total. From Logan to Park City. It's a 24 hour type of thing. Everyone runs 3 times over the 24 hour period. Put a team together and meet us in Utah Laura! Love you!

  9. Sorry I've been spelling your last name wrong Sarah! Duh!