Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Start Time

Post Edit: The Pace Document is uploaded. Some things didn't convert, so it doesn't look pretty, but all the vital info is there. Just click the link.

We have an official start time! 7am. Jarrie gets a nice, early start on the day. Our predicted finish is 4:30pm on Saturday.

California, here we come!


  1. wow, that's a long race...yes, post the predicted run times please!! it's going to be a stinky 33 hours with all of you! (and a lot of fun)

  2. the whole thing please. After I ran 6 miles yesterday I totally could not stand to be near myself. I am apologizing to everyone in advance....SO SO SO SORRRY to Van #1. I hope we can find a real bathroom along the way to sponge off and re-deoderize.

  3. Thanks Tara, just a few comments...I hope people don't let this stress them out. I went a little conservative on my time, but still I have a couple legs with some good hills, in which my pace will no doubt slow down. Also, with a bum knee I may be slower too, who knows. They don't adjust your pace for the difficulty of the legs, so if you are running a "very hard" leg and are slower than expected, i would not stress it. It would be better to finish 3 legs, then starting out racing and struggling to finish. Just a thought...

  4. Jess--I agree. I hesitated to post this, just for that reason--I don't want anyone to stress at all! So, everyone remember, this is just an estimate. We will be in constant contact on race day so we make sure vans are getting where they need to be on time. But, it is kind of nice to see approximately the time of day you will be running. Because I know that I'm running around 3pm, I am going to do a few more afternoon runs so I can get used to running at that time, and so I can see what foods feel best in my stomach. And I agree--it's best to be a little conservative on that first leg so you can finish the whole race.