Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Group Runs

Mark your calendar ladies--Spring Break group runs are here! We have two weeks where babysitters are available, and we should take advantage of that. So here are my proposed dates:

Thursday 3/24. This will be the beginning of my first 3-a-day. So, let's get a sitter at 10am and go on a group run. Then, I am also going to do a night run that evening around 8pm. It would be a GREAT time to practice running with all your night gear. Trust me, you want to practice. (And I'll also be running Friday am. Any takers?)

Wednesday 3/30. Same time?? 10am? (If there is a better start time, let me know)

Saturday 4/2. This will be the MEGA HUGE last long run before the race. Let's start at 7am and run the Coal Creek Trail. We will have runners doing all different miles, all different paces, so everyone come--there will be someone to run with for sure.

I am also contemplating a Monday 3/28. Thoughts?

I figure if we each pitch in a couple bucks an hour the babysitter will make a mint, and we'll get to run in the sunshine. It's a win/win!

Talk soon!


  1. Jealous! Our Spring break is the same week as our race or I would try to do the same thing. Nevertheless, Natalie and I had a good run today with our jogger strollers. Hopefully we can do some more together!

  2. I'm glad you two ran together! That is so fun. Do it more!

  3. I'm feeling like I need lots of runs so I'm up for all of these (except maybe the night run, that's the night of the BR kindergarten nite so I will try to make it) great idea to just have a group babysitter:) this is going to be fun!!!

  4. I would be good for Thursday morning, Bodhe has a play at school Thursday night starting at 6:30, I think I might be home by 8:00. Anyone want to go 8:30 or is that too late? The 2nd is the half marathon in Westminster if anyone wants to go that far??

  5. I am in this week for sure (Thurs/Fri)...

    BTW, the countdown widget is FREAKING ME OUT!

  6. Susan, ME TOO! 24 days?? CRAZY

  7. I am in for the morning runs on the 24th and 25th. I will be out of town for the rest.

  8. I forgot to mention that I will NOT need a sitter.