Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What are you training for?

Hey fellow runners,
I know some of you are currently training for the Georgetown 1/2 marathon coming up here in a few weeks but what else is everyone training for? I personally haven't run much since Wasatch Back due to sickness and living on the surface of the sun (Phoenix) but am starting to get curious about what to do next. Anyone doing anything fun or have any suggestions? BTW how is the training for Georgetown going? I haven't heard much.
Peace Out and Happy Running,


  1. well I'm supposed to be training for Georgetown, but Brian took out 3 of my impacted wisdom teeth on I've been taking it easy all week...and we leave next Thur for I'm basically screwed when it comes to Georgetown...I'm just hoping to finish...after that...probably take it pretty mild to the end of the year, maybe a little Colder Boulder and then train again for So. Cal. Are you going to do your running camp Adrienne?

  2. I am training for the full in Long Beach on October 17th. But I am also running the Georgetown 1/2. So.... we shall see what happens.

  3. I am also doing Georgetown (but need new shoes really bad--my run with Jen the other day wasn't so great--EVERYTHING hurt). But I am doing Josh's Sprint Tri to mix things up. I have rediscovered my love for swimming, and it's been fun to get to spin class a little more often. I just might do another tri in Sept, but haven't decided for sure yet. Then I, like Steph, will probably take the rest of the year off. I just want to take classes, do a little yoga and pilates, and cut my running back to 1-2 times/week until we start training for So Cal

  4. I am training for a hotdog eating contest. Very rigorous!!!