Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wasatch Back Ragnar 2011

Just got an email with this info:

Also, many of you requested that we cap this race this year and not add more teams. Our plan for 2011 Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back is to do just that. We will be capping the race at 1050 teams.

With a little over 200 spots left and Early Registration ending on July 31st, we expect to sell out in the next few weeks.

I guess we should decide for sure if we are doing UT or CA sooner than I thought we needed to..I guess that is good because once we are signed up, we're locked in...no quitters! Or maybe we'll do both? Hmmm...let's talk about that tomorrow! Maybe CA is just the girls and UT could be with spouses (so child care would be a bit easier for most in UT). Just an idea!

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