Friday, July 9, 2010

Georgetown I'm going to run the Georgetown Half...we'll hopefully run it all at least. In preparation...I'm planning a 8 mile run tomorrow (Saturday). Leaving my house...running up Vista Parkway, cutting over to Mountainview and all the way home. It's almost exactly 8 miles. Anyone want to join me...otherwise there's a high probability I'll talk myself into something shorter.

I'd like to get going by 5am and home before 7am is the goal...that way it won't be hot and won't take a chunk of my day.

Let me know, we can meet at my house at 5am.



  1. You are a rockstar!! All these people running the Georgetown? Makes me almost want to but I must, must resist...

  2. ya...we'll see if I'm a rockstar come race day...since I've only run 7 miles ever at one time...! if I do it once...I probablly won't feel the need to ever do it again..

  3. Stephanie, after you do a half once you'll be ADDICTED!!!