Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Georgetown Nightmare we're 2.5 weeks away and I haven't run for about the same amount of time...between getting wisdom teeth out..and then getting dry socket in 2 of them and then going to Mexico, I'm in deep trouble. So my plan is to get 3 good long runs in before then and a few short ones and hope for the best...

Any advice? This is my first 1/2 and my longest run ever is around 7.5 or so. I was hoping for a finish of under 2.5 hours...we'll see.

Any plans for carpooling to the race? I'll drive if anyone wants to come with me.

I will cheer you all on at the race from way behind girls are going to do awesome!!


  1. Steph, this is a tough one. My advice (not that I'm any sort of expert)would be to do 10 miles ASAP. Do it SLOW and walk if you need to. If you can do 10, you can do 13.1.

    And I'd not have any expectation of time. Just an expectation to finish. You can do it!!!

    I'm not sure if the family wants to come to Georgetown or not, but if they don't, I'd love to carpool.

  2. Like Tara said- run at least 10- but go slow! Do it this week. I don't think that my family is going up- so I'll probably need a ride up. I was thinking of you while you were in Mexico-super jealous!

  3. You can do it! Last year Vanessa hadn't run at all and got ready in 5 weeks, and did awesome!!! So just get your miles in and think positive:) Also, I just realized this today, but the FATSO campout is the 13/14th - is that going to pose a problem for anyone?

  4. Run a 10 miler tomorrow. No joke. Then run 2-3 shorter ones (like 6 or 7 milers) at a faster pace the next week. Do an interval day of 30 seconds fast as you can, then 30 seconds jog, repeat until you've run about 2 miles--this is the fastest way to get conditioned. I wouldn't try to do anything longer than just one 10 miler because if you haven't been running your body is going to be too tired to recover in time for the race. (body cells take 3 weeks to fully repair--that is why the last few weeks are always taper weeks before long races) Week of race try to get in a shorter 3 miler and maybe a 2 miler early in the week, like Monday and Wednesday but rest a few days before race. Eat really good and don't eat junk. Rest well and pace yourself on race day. Gatorade an hour before race and during race. If you plan to do it hopefully this will help, if it were me I would look for another half marathon, just sayin :) Good luck.