Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shake It Up!

Hello awesome ladies!  Several have asked me about my recovery shake I make almost every day (at home after my workout), so here it is:

8 oz - Low Calorie Orange Juice (if you're not counting cal's then go for the real stuff)
1 - Scoop Gold Standard Whey (protein powder), Vanilla Ice Cream flavor is my fav.
1 - heaping teaspoon of L-Glutamine Powder (I only add this on strength training days)
Blend & Serve

When prepared exactly as above, it's 170 calories, 25g protein and 16g carbs.

That's it!  I get my protein powder at GNC (not that it matters) and the L-Glutamine, too (although I actually think that the one they sell at Lifetime is cheaper, really).  I hate shakes that are milk-based, so that's why I use orange juice as my base, and the low-calorie one at that, because I don't use this as a meal-replacement -- just a good after workout recovery drink, so I want to keep the calories low.  Lately though, I've been adding a handful of frozen berries too - YUMMY! 

The L-Glutamine powder helps quicken the muscle rebuild/healing process (i.e. shortens your sore-time), so I usually just add this on my strength training days.  It does add a little bit of grit to the shake, but I can still chug it down.

Happy Recovering!

P.S. I just found this little nugget on my camera - the tornado that Jarrie, Carrie and I saw while driving through Wyoming on the way to Ragnar... just outside of Rawlins.  By the time we could fish out a camera, it was already starting to dissipate, but trust me - it started out wider, darker and definitely more scary.  Had me a little freak-out! :)

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  1. PERFECT!! thanks for the info. I am going to start making them on my own.