Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ragnar Kickoff party!

We had a GREAT time at our party last Friday, and we missed all our teammates who weren't there. I so wish I would have taken more pics! We were entertained by Tara and Jamie's glow stick dance to "Eye of the Tiger" (Rusty swears that Jamie and I were separated at birth), and wowed by April's knowledge of the Race Bible in our game of Jeopardy. She won a reflective vest! We resurrected the BGP's (although Rusty told me that this year they looked like Big Granny Panties--jerk) and also enjoyed lots of yummy food. I'm gonna try to post a little video of our dance--it's not great, but hopefully it will make you smile.

As we made leg assignments, we presented each runner with a glowing medal that had their runner #. Mine glowed for about 5 days!

And just for kicks--Here is Blake practicing our dance with us. It's only 40 seconds, and it's pretty funny to watch him mimic our moves. Watch him strike a pose right at the very end. He's a dancer in the making!


  1. Granny panties or not, I bet he still wouldn't be able to resist you in them! :)

    Thanks for the FUN party! You and Jamie are awesome!

  2. I think Blake takes the cake!!!